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Skyrim PS3 DLC “Coming Soon” But Will Sony Fans Care?

/ Nov 29th, 2012 29 Comments



PlayStation 3 Dragonborns are hearing it again: Bethesda is diligently working and making progress towards releasing Skyrim DLC for Sony’s console. Over six months have transpired since the release of the Dawnguard DLC and PS3 players are still without vampire marauders and sun-expelling arrows. It has also been three months since the Hearthfire DLC was released, depriving PS3 Dovahkiin from building humble abodes and churning butter. Yet the cause of most irritation for PS3 players may not be the delay in DLC releases but the scant, vague, and unacceptable “information” periodically released by Bethesda.

[adsense250itp]Despite swelling outcry and disapproval for Bethesda’s public relations behavior, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s lead PR man, continues to tweet encouraging, albeit ambiguous words for PS3 owners. On Nov. 27 and 28, in response to desperate pleas for solid information regarding Dawnguard, Hines tweeted that “content is coming” and asked that eager fans “hang in there.” Hines tried to reassure readers that he would “give details when [he has] them” and voiced that he understood Skyrim fans were rightfully frustrated. Bethesda and Sony have been working together to address technical difficulties–the major obstacle in releasing any DLC for PS3. While updates on the DLC progress have been less than adequate, it seems that Bethesda has ceased the “if we can fix it” talk to “soon we will have it fixed and you will be eviscerating vampires.” However, perhaps it is too late for Bethesda to redeem themselves with Sony gamers.

Initially, PS3 owners tolerated Dawnguard’s Xbox 360 30-day exclusivity. But once that time frame expired and news on Dawnguard’s release became muddled and meek, patient players began to predict the worst. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and Bethesda provided little to no information on when the DLC would be available. Fans became outraged. Tweets and forum comments expressed feelings of betrayal and anger. Talk of abandoning the franchise, refusing to purchase the DLC when (or if) it became available, and resounding disappointment poured out from the once dedicated community. PS3 Skyrim players were without ancient prophecy, custom mansions, personal bards, and hope. If these recent tweets by Pete Hines–which hint at an inevitable and upcoming DLC release–fail to come to fruition, many PS3 owners may give up on Bethesda (if they haven’t already).

Considering none of the previous add-ons for Skyrim have been available to Sony, PS3 gamers don’t expect to revel in the glory of Dragonborn, the newest DLC due Dec. 4. For any PS3 readers, what are your thoughts on the DLC debacle if it’s even a debacle at all? Are you willing to purchase the DLC despite Bethesda’s handling of information?  Should PS3 owners get any of the content at a discounted rate as a sign of goodwill?  Or will you just wait for the inevitable “Game of the Year” edition of Skyrim?

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray

Content Specialist at Gaming Illustrated
Rachel is a game aficionada who lives with her tuxedo cat, Ernest. Some of her favorite things include bears, Chik-fil-a chick-n-minis, White Russians, and Silent Hill 2. When jogging, Rachel attaches her mp3 arm attachment to her wrist and pretends it is a Pip-Boy.
Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray

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