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Skyrim Mage Armor

/ Aug 28th, 2013 1 Comment


[adsense250itp]Skyrim mage armor is one way to stay safe in the latest Elder Scrolls game, but how long has it been since gamers last traveled the snowy plains of Skyrim? Perhaps its time to go back and experiment with different armor types. It was only this year that the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim received the three DLC packs and many players had moved on, fearing that they would never arrive. But fear not, there is still plenty to do in Skyrim and many quests left unfinished. But before venturing into that wild white yonder, players need to make sure they are properly protected and there are multiple options for that.

In Skyrim, mage armor is vitally important to a character’s survival but there are numerous options for protection. Armor can be crafted from the various materials found in the wild. With enough inventory space, players can collect Dragon bones to craft Dragonplate armor, which is not only effective but also looks really cool. The armor with the highest armor rating in the game is Daedric Armor. Daedric armor is high level and requires Daedric hearts to craft, though pieces of the set will also drop from monsters at higher levels. The higher level a player gets, the better the chances of finding higher level armors.

Skyrim Mage Armor

Skyrim Mage Armor

But if a player does not want to deal with all that extra weight in Skyrim, mage armor is a decent alternative. In Skyrim, mage armor is a perk in the Alteration school’s skill tree. It allows spells like Ironflesh to become much more potent. This is helpful as you can have spells such as these active in place of wearing better armor. Skyrim mage armor spells come in a few varieties: Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh and Dragonhide. Oakflesh is the weakest of the bunch, offering 40 points of armor rating for 60 seconds. Dragonhide is incredibly potent offering a physical damage reduction of 80% and lasting for 30 seconds. This damage reduction can stack with regular armor assuming that the armor is equipped at the time of casting the spell. The problem with Skyrim mage armor is the limited duration of the spells. With regular armor, players do not have to worry about constantly switching between armor spells, damage spells, and weapons.

There are other methods for staying protected in Skyrim. Players can be sure to pump a lot of points into their health as opposed to magic and stamina. Equipping a shield is always a good idea as it helps to block physical attacks. Player skill also has a lot to do with staying alive. When playing carefully, players can avoid attacks or let their companion take the brunt of the damage. Companions can die in the heat of battle though, so players should be cautious – especially if their companion is carrying a lot of their items.

There are so many options to stay protected that players should be able to find a method that suits their play style. Whether its using armor in Skyrim, mage armor, or just plain being careful, players should not have too much trouble. Gamers should be prepared though, because Skyrim is a big place with even bigger threats waiting to strike. If you haven’t heard about Skyrim before, check out our site as we have plenty of great resources for the game.


Daniel Weinell

Daniel Weinell

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