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Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Coming to PS3, Dawnguard and Hearthfire Postponed

/ Dec 7th, 2012 18 Comments

Skyrim Dragonborn expansion

PlayStation 3 players received good and bad news this week. The good news is that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim expansion Dragonborn will be available for both PS3 and PC players early 2013.

The bad news is efforts to bring Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLCs to PS3 have been halted. In order to bring PS3 and PC players the glory of Dragonborn, Bethesda announced they would be postponing further work on the previous Skyrim DLCs.

[adsense250itp]Bethesda explained why the developer would be focusing heavily on Dragonborn instead of the previously released DLC in a post on their official blog.

“We thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer. Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue previous work on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3. Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC,” Bethesda said on the Bethblog.

“…we’re not done with content for Skyrim. When we’re ready to share more details, we’ll update everyone,” Bethesda concluded. All too familiar words for the PS3 player.

Since the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC debacle, PS3 gamers have expressed distrust and anger towards Bethesda. Just last week Bethesda’s PR man Pete Hines tweeted hints that PS3 may soon get the DLC packs. Hines assured readers that “content was coming” and encouraged fans to “hang in there.” Unfortunately, it seems PS3 players will have to continue waiting for both content packs. Perhaps the announcement of Dragonborn availability for PS3 will bring feelings of betrayal and rage from boil to simmer. Dragonborn was released on the Xbox 360 earlier this week and many fans are claiming it is the most exciting and engaging addition yet. With assurances that this expansion will be available to the PS3 player, perhaps Bethesda can save face and bring some Sony back to the series.

PC and Xbox 360 owners have had the luxury of playing the DLCs and have little or no worry of experiencing Dragonborn. PS3 players have felt discarded by Skyrim’s maker and some have even sworn never to purchase a Bethesda game again. Some gamers have suggested the DLCs should either be heavily discounted or even free in order for them to forgive Bethesda. In light of the recent assurances that Dragonborn will come to PS3, do you feel as though Bethesda deserves a second chance? Will you purchase the expansion or demand a discount? Do you fear that early 2013 may come and go and you, yet again, are without Skyrim additions?

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray

Content Specialist at Gaming Illustrated
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Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray

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