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Skylanders Giants Characters to Make Kids Wild Over Holidays

/ Nov 14th, 2012 No Comments

Skylanders Giants Characters
Skylanders Giants Characters

Skylanders Giants Characters

Parents beware: the new Skylanders Giants characters are going to be one of the top items on Christmas lists.  Just when you thought you’d had enough of searching near and far for your anxious kids, one of the biggest games just got bigger right in time for the holidays–literally with the release of Skylanders Giants from Activision. These Skylanders Giants characters will not only be on Christmas lists for owners of the Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS, but also for the lucky ones who are able to get a hold of the Wii U, scheduled for release in early November, as it will be one of the launch title for the new console.

[adsense250itp]Skylanders Giants is the sequel to the best-selling Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures. Skylanders Giants comes with new characters and a new story as well as new puzzles and discoveries to keep any youthful player occupied. The big difference with the new Skylanders Giants characters is that they are, well, bigger. There are eight new Skylanders Giants characters to go along with the original 24. These new Skylanders Giants are six inches tall with new lightning technology. This allows the new Skylanders Giants characters to light up wirelessly when they are placed on the Portal of Power; and they will be able to interact with the older and smaller Skylander characters. Each new Skylanders Giants character also has its own new ability, plus one for each different element of the game.

The new list of Skylanders Giants characters include: Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Thumpback, Ninjini, Eye-Brawl, and Hot Head. The new Skylanders Giants characters give the smaller ones a hand and a break with their abilities to destroy trees, towers, and rocks without the need for power-ups. The new Skylanders Giants characters can also throw heavier objects that their smaller counterparts can’t. Another important aspect that separates the big from the small is that the new characters have “Feats of Strength.” Certain movements are now required to complete these feats to move on to the next levels.

But these Skylanders Giants characters aren’t as new as we would think. According to the story, the original Skylanders were actually giants who defeated Kaos a long time ago and liberated the Skylands from the Arkeyans thousands of years ago. The Arkeyans defeated the Skylanders, who were shot to Earth as a form of sacrifice and were buried underground. Kaos and his war machines still rule supreme and the Skylanders must enlist the help of the Skylanders Giants–once thought to be a myth–to fight off this new threat using the elements of Fire, Tech, Undead, Magic, Water, Earth, Air, and Life. Each element plays an impact on what each Skylanders Giants can do in the game.

For those who are new to the world of Skylanders and the Skylanders Giants characters, this is only going to drive parents and kids absolutely insane. Once you buy Skylanders Giants, rest assured kids will have you searching high and low for past Skylanders figures. Since its release in Oct. of 2011, the most popular Skylanders characters have been Dark Spyro, Ignitor, Stump Smash, Voodood, Jet-Vac, Sprocket, Flashwing, and Drobot. For new players, it is suggested that you start with The Starter Pack, which includes the video game, the Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures, three secret codes, three Skylanders Giants trading cards, three stickers, and a collector’s poster.

So far, the Skylanders franchise has sold over 30 million worldwide and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon–especially with the holidays upon us. There is even talk of a Skylanders movie and/or television series.

Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Kevin Hunter is a newcomer to Gaming Illustrated, covering industry topics and editorial content.
Kevin Hunter

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