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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Release Date

/ Jul 31st, 2012 3 Comments

October 26th of this year is the official USA theater release date for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Director and writer Michael J. Bassett is bringing this video game horror to the 3D big screen with famous stars like Sean Bean, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Radha Mitchell. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will be a sequel to the first Silent Hill movie released in 2006. This is to be expected as the video games Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 are related games in the franchise.

Silent Hill

As with every video-game-to-movie adaptation, video gamers/movie goers are recommended to approach these films with caution and only the hope of being pleasantly surprised. Considering reactions to the original movie it’s difficult to predict whether Revelation will incite more “yeas” or “nays” from Silent Hill diehards. If you read forum comments on the previous film, emotions range from disgust, to indifference, to excitement. A lot of viewers express disappointment in the original Silent Hill movie for multiple reasons: there were too many story deviations from the game, the protagonist switch between Harry Mason and Rose Da Silva was unnecessary, the inclusion of Pyramid Head was cheap and unnecessary, the movie wasn’t scary, the acting was poor. But many comments praise the movie, quoting it as a great video-game-to-movie adaptation, gruesome and scary, and possessing story tweaks that performed well on the big screen and for people unfamiliar with the Silent Hill series.

So what should Silent Hillers expect from Revelation? Depending on feelings towards the first film, it may be comforting or disconcerting to know Silent Hill director Christophe Gans and writer Roger Avary have not contributed to this project. Michael J. Bassett has presented a story that seems to follow closely with Silent Hill 3, but expect new characters and scenes not drawn from the game. Harry Mason (Sean Bean) will make an appearance in this movie along with his daughter Heather (Adelaide Clemens). In sync with the game, Heather will begin a horrific journey of self discovery through a demonic nightmare world to unveil a crazed cult and the story of Alessa Gillespie. Familiar video game characters like Vincent, Douglas Cartland, Leonard Wolf, and evil priestess Claudia Wolf will all make appearances. Viewers can also anticipate beloved Silent Hill scenery and monsters including nurses and, yes, Pyramid Head.

Everyone is familiar with Hollywood’s poor track record for video game movies, but perhaps Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will prove to be a bright spot. Watch the trailer and let us know how you feel about this upcoming release!

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray

Content Specialist at Gaming Illustrated
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Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray

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