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SCEA’s Jack Tretton Steps Down from CEO Position | Gaming Illustrated

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SCEA’s Jack Tretton Steps Down from CEO Position

/ Mar 7th, 2014 No Comments

Jack Tretton steps down

After serving the company for 19 years, Jack Tretton announced his departure as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA).

Jack Tretton

Jack Tretton

Tretton was effective in introducing the PlayStation brand to the North American market in 1995, and has successfully served in popularizing the brand with each iteration of its console and portable systems since.

Current executive vice president and COO of Sony Computer Entertainment International (SCEI) Shawn Layden will take the reigns from Tretton. Layden is no short of experience as he served in pivotal roles within Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and its subsidiaries throughout the world for the past 10 years.

Tretton’s official withdrawal from Sony will occur March 31. His legacy remains to be one of the most successful in video game history as proven by the steady hardware and software ecosystem that the PlayStation has continuously offered.

The announcement comes off of the recent reporting from Sony that the PlayStation 4 has currently sold more than 6 million units worldwide to date.


Bobby Troge
Bobby Troge is an aspiring media producer and resident social networking nut. He's currently working towards his B.A. in TV, Film and Media Studies at California State University, Los Angeles. Lover of gameplay and not just graphics, he respects both retro and current video games alike.
Bobby Troge
Bobby Troge

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