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Samurai Gunn is Insanely Addictive

/ Nov 18th, 2013 No Comments

Samurai Gunn

Samurai Gunn is a multiplayer action game that pits up to four players against each other as dueling samurai. Developed by Teknopants, Samurai Gunn pulls from various sources to deliver a product that channels an pixel art look influenced heavily by samurai and western sources. This delightfully addictive game will be available on PC this Holiday Season and later in 2014 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Samurai Gunn

Duel of the iron mics!

The objective of Samurai Gunn is simple: be the last samurai standing of two to four players. Players choose one of seven samurai and then compete with either one, two or three other samurai in various locals until only is left standing. Each samurai has a katana to slice up rival samurai, 10 lives each and 3 bullets in their gun to shoot down the competition (the bullets get reloaded after each death). Every player can only take on hit be it from a bullet or a katana slash. So matches go by quickly. While it seems simple at first, the gameplay gets a bit more complex as players learn that timing sword slashes right can deflect a bullet or an opposing katana strike. This changes the flow of matches allowing for more strategic and precise gameplay. Also, using the infinite borders on maps add another level of strategy because firing bullets at the right time in the right spot can take out another player when they are too focused on direct attacks. None of these particular subtleties bog down the core philosophy of gameplay, so matches remain quick and breezy.

Samurai Gunn

Viscera and viscous.

Visually Samurai Gunn channels an 8-bit, pixel style that looks spectacular in motion in the game’s lightning fast matches. The sprites for the various samurai have their own uniqueness and style and color palettes (which is a huge boon for differentiating which sprite is the players in frenetic matches). Samurai Gunn’s various maps offer a good variety and the unique environmental features that change the flow of gameplay conferring specific traps or advantages to players who use them smartly. Maps with water are dangerous because a wet gun will not fire. Icicles can be used strategically to trip up players. Each map features a few variations, which adds a good mix to the environments. One of the most compelling visual feature is the bloody corpses littering a map after a protracted and even match or when a lifeless body gets trapped in a infinite loop, it is morbid and beautiful. The visual style for the showdowns is perfect and captures the vibe of the game in a singular visual flair.

Samurai Gunn

A totally ****ed up Ice Climbers.

[adsense250itp]Samurai Gunn looks like an game that should belong on a NES cartridge that got stuck under your grandmother’s slip covered couch; it had been lost to time and memory, only to be re-discovered when you had to help your meema install a new HDTV. It is delightfully surprising. Developer Teknopants have created a game that blends an motifs and imagery from classic samurai and western films with the aesthetics of an old school pixel brawler resulting in a game that is at once familiar yet fresh. The game has a simplicity to its controls and gameplay that makes it easy to pick up and immediately recognize how to get into the swing of a match. There is a depth to the fast and frenetic gameplay that reveals itself quickly when players get into heated battles against opposing samurai. Samurai Gunn much like Divekick before it has a draw that is immediately evident and addictive.

Gamers should keep an eye on Samurai Gunn when it launches on PC this Holiday Season and on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2014.

Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

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