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Saints Row IV: Prepare for Ensuing Mayhem

/ Aug 11th, 2013 No Comments

Saints Row 4

[adsense250itp]With Saints Row IV almost ready for release, it seems fitting to take a closer look at what players can expect in this next addition to the saga of the Saints. Many of our favorite members of the Saints have returned again, though some of them are a little more unruly and zany than they were in the previous releases. Featuring a lot of the content that was originally created for Saints Row: The Third, this game includes many elements that most players cannot wait to get their hands on, such as the infamous Dubstep Gun.

To some extent, the game picks up where the previous game left off, still toying with the idea of the alien invasion and superhuman strength. What Saints Row: The Third gave players a taste of in its storyline, Saints Row IV provides at full throttle. Once more fulfilling their role as the leader of the Saints, players will be able to save America and then gain the responsibility of taking care of the country as President. One can only begin to imagine what the Saints might do with all of that power, but it is soon interrupted by an alien invasion from the Zin Empire. Even when things seem bleakest, the Boss fights back against the invading zin, except the might of Zinyak proves too much resulting in the enslavement of the Boss and the Saints.

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV

Similar to what was experienced in Saints Row: The Third, players have the opportunity in Saints Row IV to make decisions during game play, usually thrust into those unique ‘either-or’ situations that can only be found in Saints Row. Most of the situations lend themselves more to the re-playability factor of the game, which players will appreciate — especially if they are hunting for trophies and achievements. There are countless references and inside jokes throughout the gaming experience, which is guaranteed to keep players amused for an extended amount of hours.

Customization options are also greatly improved in this addition to the Saints Row series. There are a lot more options that players can choose from, so whether someone is interested in making themselves look completely ridiculous or completely true to form, they will be able to accomplish it in the game. Given the mixed opinions on the quality of Saints Row: The Third, many players are going to be looking to Saints Row IV to make up for some of the unexplained plot holes in the storyline and issues with gameplay. So far, the majority of the demos and previews that have been released of Saints Row IV seem to indicate that the game is on the right path towards regaining players’ loyalty again.

Saints Row IV is available for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 on August 20. Players interested in picking up an extremely exclusive copy of the game can pre-order the Game of the Generation Edition.

To read up on how the game plays, check out the hands-on preview from Kalvin Martinez of the PC version. Additionally, give a look at Gaming Illustrated’s interview with Saints Row IV art director, Steven Quirk to hear a little bit more about the game.

Lastly, be sure to check out Gaming Illustrated later this week for our review of Saints Row IV.


Elly Vicieux

Elly Vicieux

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Elly (aka Vicieux) is a writer, editor, model and blogger based in Washington state. Her long term goal is to earn a PhD and work as a psychologist. She can most commonly be found in the company of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Agent 47, Alucard, and her posse from Saints Row.
Elly Vicieux

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