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Saints Row 4 Weapons

/ Nov 17th, 2013 No Comments

Saints Row 4 character creator

The Saints Row 4 weapons arsenal is immense. There is everything from a baseball bat to special weapons called the ‘Merica and Dubstep Gun. There are nine different classes, thirty-seven different weapons, and up to five different models of each weapon. The Saints Row 4 weapons stand out in the shotgun, rifles, explosives and special weapons selections.

The Inflato-Ray is one of the shotguns the player can get. It is one of the funniest ways to eradicate your enemy within the Saints Row 4 weapons choices. Basically, the player shoots the Inflato-Ray at the enemy target and it inflates them until they “pop”. It is unlocked during the “Fun Trumps All” side mission.

The Bounce Rifle is the best selection in the rifles category. It bounces a pink energy projectile off of the enemies. The player can ricochet the energy ball off of most any surface.

The standout weapon in the explosives category is the Black Hole Launcher. The Black Hole Launcher has only one model, which is the Singularity Gun. It is considered an alien weapon and needs to be charged since it does not have ammunition. It is most effective in combating enemies by sucking them up in groups. When the Black Hole Launcher is placed in the right areas it compacts everything around it, including vehicles and sucks them into the black hole.

There are two over the top creative Saints Row 4 weapons in the special class. They are the Dubstep Gun and the ‘Merica and are both so fun to use. The Dubstep Gun comes in three models the Dubstep, Industrial and Pop Star. The Dubstep Gun does not have ammo and relies on charges that are renewed over time. Depending on what model is used dictates what song the Dubstep gun will play. It emits energy pulses to the beat of the song and the enemies start dancing and cars start bouncing. The Dubstep Gun can be used during a side mission called the “Keith David’s Campaign Trail of Destruction”.

‘Merica is another creative and effective weapon just known as the ‘Merica. It is the most powerful of the Saints Row 4 weapons and included in the Commander in Chief pack that was available during preorders. It is a weapon that is many weapons all rolled into one and covered in patriot colors. It consists of a Light Machine gun, Sub-Machine Gun, Auto Shotgun, Heavy Pistol, Mini gun, Rocket Launcher, Flamethrower, and the most massive knife around. It can easily take out a Zin with just one shot. One drawback is that if the player did not get the Commander in Chief pack with the ‘Merica, it is an expensive add on. However, it is well worth having this weapon in the Saints Row 4 weapons arsenal.

The player encounters many different Saints Row 4 weapons that keep them engaged. It is a wild ride and the choices of the weapons are reason enough to get this game. The creative Dubstep Gun starts up a party in the middle of a somewhat serious gunfight. This weapon alone brings great humor to the tone of the game.

Ryan Scheller

Ryan Scheller

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