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Saints Row 4: Going the Full ODB

/ May 20th, 2013 1 Comment

Saints Row 4
Time to roll to the Brooklyn Zoo!

Time to roll to the Steelport Zoo!

Saints Row 4‘s announcement was not a surprise. There was no real question about the development and supposed existence of a follow-up to the brilliantly outlandish Saints the Third. Yet THQ declaring bankruptcy and selling off its popular franchises like it was a Raymond Carver short story, kind of threw a wrench in the future of many games in development. Despite the hiccup, Deep Sliver and Koch Media scooped up the Saints Row franchise and developer Volition in January. Two months later, Deep Silver announced that Saints Row 4 would be released on Aug 20 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. That is impressive. The game went from whispers about its existence to a nebulous grey area tied up in bankruptcy proceedings to having an announced release date with gorgeous gameplay footage to show.

[adsense250itp]To celebrate that announcement Deep Silver and Volition released a short trailer that succinctly sold the game. Full of wacky action, nut shots, dancing, dominatrixes and gigantic energy drinks; it was like a hit of PCP and whip-its. the trailer displayed the level of madness expected from the series then turned it on its head by stating that the Boss would now be the POTUS. From ultra post-modern role models to leaders of the Free World, the Saints are riding hot. While the Gojira-esque movie extras certainly ramp up the psychosis of the series, it was the recent video showing the Alpha footage shown at PAX East that showed the hand that Volition is working with in Saints Row 4. Giant mech suits just ’cause, wild superpowers, powerful aliens and weaponry that is as fanciful as it is customizable. It is like a clown car with a black hole straight to the imaginations of a billion kids with ADHD and addicted to Adult Swim, the whimsical ludicrousness never ends. Yet having shown that they are working with a full house, what other ridiculousness can the game possibly hold that matches mechs and mutated beverages?

Saints Row 4

Battle of the Iron Patriots!

It is impossible to count out Volition, their special brand of over-the-top gameplay and story and ability to defy expectations. What they still have in store for Saints fans when the game hits retail will likely be majestic like a bald eagle eating KFC. Still it is hard to fathom what will be waiting for players later in the game when they are showing off such wonderfully insane elements this early. It is hard to say that the answer lies in trying to top the grandiosity of what gamers have seen so far (unless Gojira can get a Gatchaman suit), but rather focus on smaller elements and fleshing them out. The pre-order incentives for the Commander-in-Chief edition are certainly a good way to show that there is still some wildness left to be rung out of Saints Row 4. Featuring a ‘Merica gun, that looks like something that the GOP would want to give every American, and if Obama would roll around in that Screaming Eagle Jet it would be an effective military deterrent (to be fair though, that jet looks more like a Biden vehicle). Can the Boss roll up to cash a Welfare check in that Screaming Eagle Jet? These real ‘Merican DLC promotional items are a great way to ratchet up things to full on ODB levels by giving players some Presidential skins to choose from in character creation. Saints Row has always been amazing in terms of character customization from a wide choice of body types, facial options and ethnicities; Saints Row is a populous game. Now with the Boss being the POTUS, why not give players the option to choose from past presidents at the start of the game? Who would not want to be Howard Taft strollin’ ’round crushing people’s necks with his supple thighs? That is the most baller President of all time! Today a President with a custom bath tub would featured on Cribs. Even if this is not an option (realistically it is not) with the creation tools, players can make their own Howard Taft to roll up on aliens and suplex them into dust.

Saints Row 4

‘Merica Betta Have His Money!

The key to making a larger spectacle of Saints Row 4 lies by focusing on the narrower scope of the systems that will surround the Presidential Office. What if there was a SIM component to Saints Row 4 where the Boss has to veto bills and make Presidential appointments? Who will pardon that turkey on Thanksgiving if not the Boss? What will his cabinet look like? Zimos as the Secretary of Education? Or what if players can pimp out the White House? These are outlandish, but are they any more outlandish that a President with super powers or a random mech suit or aliens? Volition make it happen or at least sell it as DLC. Only time will tell what depths of lunacy Saints Row 4 will dig into and Volition is one studio that will be more than willing to accommodate the insanely ludicrous and the ludicrously insane. So come August, gamers will be able to mine the rich vein of ridiculousness to find what different types of weaponized sex toys will be at the POTUS’ disposal, they are sure to be dignified (and completely depraved).

Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

Senior Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Kalvin Martinez studied Creative Writing at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He writes reviews, prose and filthy limericks. While he is Orange County born, he now resides in Portland, OR. He is still wondering what it would be like to work at a real police department. Follow Kalvin on Twitter @freepartysubs
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