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Saints Row 4 Preview

/ Apr 1st, 2013 2 Comments

Saints Row 4
Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4

When most players began compiling their lists of most anticipated games of 2013, Saint’s Row 4 was barely an afterthought. There had been word last year that a new Saint’s Row would be coming in 2013, but any information on the project was kept so tightly under wraps that the gaming community was beginning to forget about its existence completely. Despite THQ’s demise earlier this year, Volition had been moving forward with Saints Row 4 and is already putting the final touches on the game.

Saints Row The Third was hugely successful and was widely respected for its over-the-top take on what would otherwise be categorized as a Grand Theft Auto clone. Since the second installment in the series, the series continues to grow to more epic proportions. Saints Row The Third left a lot of players wondering what could possibly be next after taking out so many rival gangs and the all-powerful Ultor Corporation, not to mention a certain mission to Mars.

[adsense250itp]Now under publisher Deep Silver, developer Volition plans to top Saint’s Row The Third by throwing in everything from super powers to alien invaders. Saints Row 4 will see the leader of the Third Street Saints sitting high and mighty as the president of the United States. When an alien race invades Earth and abducts the previous president, the Saints are thrown into an alien simulation of the city of Steelport. Having the next installment take place within a simulation has allowed Volition to shatter the limits of the series, not that many have ever really been in place.

Super powers would have to be the most noticeable addition to the series, granting players the ability to become a God-like entity with powers such as super speed, super strength, flight and telekinesis. The possibilities are endless with a massive variety of powers that can be swapped out at a moment’s notice, similar to the way the weapons system works.

With the power to destroy anything in the way, one might expect less of a focus on weapons. Volition’s announcement trailer for Saints Row 4 seems to prove otherwise with a showcase of various weapons that will allow players to destroy their enemies in ways that are…unique. The most notable of these weapons would is the Dubstep Gun, which causes targets to begin dancing crazily until they die. Cars will also begin dancing and exploding, making for one hell of a crazy scene. The new Inflat-O-Ray will cause targets’ heads to expand and eventually pop all together. These are the types of weapons that can only be found in Saints Row.

One of the staples of the Saints Row series has been the antagonistic force driving the game. In all three previous sequels, there have been three rival gangs that players can tackle in any order. This formula may have worked in the past, but Volition feels that God-like powers sort of make it impossible for street gangs to compete. Instead, the alien force, called the Zin will be the sole protagonists in the game. Players fearing a lack of variety should rest easy as Volition has stated the Zin will come in a wide variety of forms and will test players’ skills in different ways.

Enter the Dominatrix

Super powers are just the tip of the iceberg…

Customization has been a big factor in every Saints Row title and Saints Row 4 promises much more depth in the game’s overall customization options. Choices will range from player creation to vehicle pimping and even weapon detailing. Volition has confirmed the existence of weapon skins that can be unlocked in game, including musical instrument cases. With a prominent online multiplayer presence, fans can expect many more skins to be available via future DLC.

The elephant in the room regarding Saints Row 4 is the previously cancelled Enter the Dominatrix DLC. In 2012, Volition announced the upcoming arrival of a new DLC for Saints Row 3 that would grant players super powers in a storyline that involved an alien invasion. The DLC was later cancelled and confirmed to be fusing into the development of Saints Row 4, which had started shortly after the original release of Saints Row 3. Due to this, many players have been questioning the legitimacy of Saints Row 4 as a proper sequel.

Volition is keeping the same visual style as Saint’s Row The Third, as spending so much time and money upgrading the game’s graphics so close to the end of a console’s cycle simply does not make sense. Unfortunately, this only adds to the skepticism from fans. However, Saint’s Row 4 appears to be adding enough new goodies to the franchise to make all players happy.

Travis Shuman

Travis Shuman

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    They may be making SR a little too outlandish now

  2. bimboobom says:

    Its still shouldn’t be called Saints Row…

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