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Saints Row 4 Character Creator Available Now

/ Aug 8th, 2013 No Comments

Saints Row 4 character creator

[adsense250itp]Saints Row 4‘s character creator, named the Inauguration Station, is available now to download free on Xbox Live and Steam, Deep Silver and Volition announced. It will also be downloadable for PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network on Aug. 13.

In Saints Row 4, the leader of the Saints is elected to the presidency of the United States, hence the name Inauguration Station. The Inauguration Station serves as the character creation system for Saints Row 4. Players will have a myriad of character customization options available for their player to use in the full version of Saints Row 4 when it releases.

Players can even use the Inauguration Station to download their character from Saints Row: The Third. If gamers choose not create a new character from scratch, they can select their existing character and re-tool their existing character with the new advanced options.

The range of customization expands on the previous installments’ Initiation Station with even more outfits, hairstyles and body customization options offered for characters. Outfits players can dress up their character in include obscure items such as bathrobes, hot dog suits, martial arts gear or even something reminiscent of a Minecraft character. Much of the character’s body can be toggled with, including the skin tone, hair style, height and even the voice to match (or mismatch) your character.

Deep Silver will show off the most popular and outrageous custom characters created in the Inauguration Station. The best-looking uploaded characters will be put up on display on the official Saints Row website.

Saints Row 4 is set to release Aug. 20 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC throughout North and Latin America and Aug. 23 worldwide .

For more on Saints Row 4, check out the revealing Gaming Illustrated-exclusive interview with the game’s art director Steven Quirk and a hands-on preview of the game written by Associate Editor Kalvin Martinez.


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Shun Fukuda

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