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Rome: Total War 2: Conquer the Factions

/ Jun 24th, 2013 5 Comments

Rome: Total War 2

[adsense250itp]Rome: Total War 2 is set to release within a few short months. A critically acclaimed strategy franchise with a solid and dedicated fan base, the Total War series has upped the ante with each successive release since the debut of Shogun back in 2000. On September 3, Creative Assembly is delivering the long-awaited sequel to the original Rome: Total War to legions of dedicated fans.

Part of the charm of Rome: Total War 2 is its historically accurate setting. The game is set during the later days of the Roman Republic and it is up to the player to decided whether or not to preserve the Roman Republic, a democratic system of government, or take the leap and transform it into the Roman Empire of historical fame. As the name of the game suggests, the focus is on Rome, but players’ options are not just confined to that region of the world. In fact, the map of the game stretches from the Spanish coast in the west to modern day Iran and Afghanistan in the east.

Rome: Total War 2

Rome: Total War 2

Keeping with tradition, the game offers the player a variety of factions to choose from. Gamers are not stuck playing the title faction of Total War 2. They can choose from all the enemies of Rome. Creative Assembly wants players to mold history to their own vision. Therefore, they offer factions from three distinct cultures: Barbarian, Mediterranean, and Eastern. Each culture has its own unique feeling and style of play. A game like Rome: Total War 2 allows you to change history; for example, a player may choose to play as Carthage and turn the tide of the historic Punic Wars and sack Rome, provided that the player is a competent general.

Rome: Total War 2

Rome: Total War 2

Of course, the the initial fun of Rome: Total War 2 comes in the experience of taking on the role of Rome and going out to conquer the enemies around the empire. The map in Total War 2 is much bigger than the original Rome and far more detailed. The world is essentially gamers to conquer. To the north and west of Rome, the player will face off against the various barbarian tribes, the big ones being the Germanic Suebi, the French Arverni, or the British Iceni. However, if the big, bad barbarian infantry prove too intimidating for players’ legions, they can turn south to take on their closest hegemonic rival Carthage. Or if they want to fight another neighbor, go across the Adriatic Sea and try a hand at taking out the Greek faction of Macedon. If players  are more interested in exotic things, they will definitely want to test their mettle against the factions of Egypt and Parthia to the east.

The beauty of it is that you are not confined to fighting only the factions mentioned above. They are the big playable factions. In Rome: Total War 2, Creative Assembly has littered the map with a variety of non-playable factions that are yet to be revealed. Regardless of the faction, the player is free to interact with each faction as they see fit. Ally yourself with one in order to take out another who is more powerful or wage indiscriminate war with all those around you. The choice is yours.

Come this September, players will be able to dive into Rome: Total War 2 and conquer the world as they see fit. Anticipation is high for this title and armchair generals around the world are already developing their strategies for world domination. Rewrite history in your image on September 3, 2013.


Sean Dhaliwal

Sean Dhaliwal

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Sean Dhaliwal
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5 responses to “Rome: Total War 2: Conquer the Factions”

  1. hi, buddy says:

    P.S: It’s “Rome 2: Total War”. Not “Rome: Total War 2”.

    • Matt says:

      Actually, It’s “Total War: Rome II”

      Source(s): and Steam

      • hi, buddy says:

        So, we’re in agreement that it isn’t “Rome: Total War 2”, then? There we go, you just validated my point.

        Also, it has been referred to as “Rome 2: Total War” by the Creative Assembly themselves*. Much as GTA: V has been referred to as GTA: 5 and GTA 5.

        (* in their videos, they often refer to it as that).

  2. Aristotle says:

    The Roman Republic wasn’t actually a democracy, not in the modern-day sense or the way the Ancient Greeks knew it, even though it had ‘some’ democratic elements, i.e the Peoples Assembly. It was an aristocratic oligarchy.

    • SeanD says:

      The cynic in me would like to say “much like today’s democracy, right?” but I agree with what you’re saying.
      The term democracy is applied only in the loosest sense when it comes to
      Rome. But compared to what Egypt had going or even the Parthians, I
      guess it could be considered democracy.

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