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Resogun (PS4) Review

/ Nov 26th, 2013 No Comments

Finnish developer Housemarque has been around since the nineties, but they are most notably known for the PS3 classic Super Stardust HD. The game took familiar gameplay and added a few twists, along with a ton of visual upgrades. The results spoke for themselves. Back again with their own version of Defender, Resogun is a standout title for the PlayStation 4 launch.


Your mission sounds simple enough: save the last humans. Players choose from three ships, each with a unique variation on three attributes. Ships have the ability to use bombs to clear the entire stage, use an overdrive to maximize attack power and slow the action for a short time, boost through enemies and bullets, and throw humans to safety if the portals are out of reach or maybe just for style.

Ships upgrade with pickups that drop from the top of the map or given as a reward for saving a human. Bullets won’t kill the humans, but it will cause them to bounce away and potentially die from traps or enemies. The ship only holds one, so running to and from the portals is frantic. Resogun gives you just as much tools as you need to do the job, but properly weaving through bullets and evading kamikaze ships while trying to grab humans is a skill that needs to be developed over time. Like with Super Stardust HD, practice never makes perfect, and death is inevitable, but progress is easy to see after just a few games.

Bosses have more stages on higher difficulties.

Bosses have more stages on higher difficulties.

Missions can be completed in a series during arcade mode or one at a time, either offline or in an online co-op mode. The true excitement and satisfaction from the game is earned with a new high score and beating the game, so those who want to top the leader boards should go it alone. Difficulty levels not only increase the amount of stuff on the screen, but bosses will transform into new forms multiple times depending on how high it is set. Die. Learn. Try again.


The graphics are great. Everything is composed of 3D pixels called voxels and the amount of particle effects on screen is unbelievable. After a boss is defeated, everything explodes at once and shows just how many objects can be displayed on screen at one time. It really is worth seeing even if the game is a struggle. Particle effects and damage modeling is shown by missing sections and massive voxels flying off-screen with sparks ricocheting against hard surfaces. Everything adds more color to an already vibrant image. Small touches like the distortion wave that travels with a bomb detonation or the slight blurring as the ship goes into a boost make the game as good to watch as it is to play.

There are no words.

There are no words.


The sound effects and music tracks elevate the gameplay that much more. Explosions and laser fire sound both retro and modern at once. The various “hit” sounds on the many enemy types give an idea of the density and size of each. The soundtrack is great and does a fantastic job of raising the excitement level and creating tension when the boss eventually forms. Even the disembodied female voice booming through the controller’s speaker is a welcome surprise.


Resogun is classic gameplay wrapped in the glitz and glamour of modern visuals. Equal parts arcade nostalgia and acid trip, it is just fun to play. While it lacks the alternative modes and silliness found in Super Stardust HD and Delta or any multiplayer options other than online co-op, the single player arcade experience is what this game is all about. As a free download with PlayStation Plus, every PS4 owner should play it, and even at a $15 sticker price, it’s easy to justify the purchase. Housemarque delivers another great score-chaser with incredibly addictive gameplay.


Chance Asue

Chance Asue

Associate Editor & Multimedia Specialist at Gaming Illustrated
Chance Asue is a self-taught computer builder and hardware junkie. His favorite game franchises include Pokemon, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy. He is Gaming Illustrated's Multimedia Specialist and reviews the latest hardware tech.
Chance Asue

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Gaming Illustrated RATING



Easy to pick up and difficult to master. Resogun is a great update on classic game design. Modes and options are slim, and the final boss is incredibly difficult when compared to the rest of the game.


3D pixels and an immense amount of particles create a unique visual aesthetic that looks great when you're dishing out the damage or blowing up in shame. The game looks beautiful and runs impeccably.


The music is outstanding and sound effects have a great balance of retro and modern. Absolutely intoxicating to listen to.

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