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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Review

/ Apr 5th, 2012 No Comments

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has all the great elements that make for a great cult classic video game. There’s great presentation, plenty of tension and a great storyline that all leverage what makes Res Evil games so great. Overall, Capcom has done a great job making a very satisfying game.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

I remember seeing all those cut scenes in the earlier RE games like Res Evil 3 where they show Raccoon City in utter chaos, cops and zombies fighting on the streets, SWAT teams unloading everything they had on hordes of the undead and I always wondered why was it my characters in each RE game seemed like they were always late to the party? It seemed like you get stuck in these tiny areas armed with just a pistol and you were motivated to run instead of fight. While I enjoyed Resident Evil in the past I always wanted to play that one game that put you in the middle of the chaos as it was going down with tons of undead where I wasn’t away from all the action. With this title I think we have that answer as Capcom releases its latest title and gives fans of the franchise something to cheer about.

Video Review

Presentations: Blame it on the….Delta Squad?

You take over as members of Delta Squad, a group of Umbrellas Soldiers that are sent in to retrieve the G-Virus, only to have a mishap. You get blamed for the outbreak in Raccoon City and you have to have to play PR with a BR and clear Umbrella of any wrong doing along the way you are reunited with other popular RE characters and enemies.

Gameplay: Pass the Herb

Operation Raccoon City may have a few flaws with the A.I, my squad during my solo campaign would walk around like chickens with their heads cut off at times and the melee mechanics will have you whaling in random directions sometimes hoping to hit your target while leaving you exposed but I enjoyed what was included in this package. Your squad consists of 4 players, whether they are friends or computer Artificial Intelligence. Each of your squadmates comes with their own unique abilities that you can unlock the more you play them. This aspect was supposed to make the players, especially online, think about who they choose before they go into battle with their squad. However, I found that that didn’t matter so much once you got out there on the field, if you didn’t have a medic, no worries there are plenty of herbs to go around and heal yourself. Certain characters had the ability to boost other players stats by shooting them with a dart gun, I found this to be a little annoying due to the fact that while your looking for a teammate to shoot in the rear and prevent them from catching the T-Virus, you have a half dozen crimson heads chasing you from behind.

You can upgrade your characters’ weapons as well to dish out more punishment, but you can only unlock weapons per character, so while you might have bought an assault riffle on one player you have to repurchase the right to own another one on another character, this just adds to the replay value. Going through the campaign and seeing a lot of the scenes for RE past was nice to see as well as interacting with some of the major players in the series. It seems that with every game we learn more and more about those few weeks during 1998 leading to Raccoon city’s destruction.

Operation Raccoon City Review

Operation Raccoon City Review


The controls could use some retooling, especially the melee aspect. You’ll find yourself swinging all over the place if you don’t know what your doing, hoping to catch a zombie in the head while leaving yourself vulnerable. Aiming can take a little getting used to, but from what I’ve seen from other players on online it can be handled.

Sound … What was that??

The roaring of not just a couple a undead like in the past but dozens of undead can leave you on your toes, the guns have their individual sounds, the music is a little more techno like but its goes with the fast pace of the game. The voice acting while I didn’t notice usually means it was sufficient enough.


The four game modes, while nothing out of the norm, are given a face lift due to the RE theme. A simple game of CTF is more about grabbing a G-virus sample and not only running away from the the undead, hunters and Tyrants but opposing players. This opposition, who can easily blend in with crowd execute a critical hit on you leaving you bleeding and as a result zombies that were moving at a Shaun of the Dead pace, now move at a 28 weeks later pace – and that’ll get the blood flowing. Hero Mode is a game that allows you to play as RE regulars like Leon, Claire, Jill and more which is also a welcomed addition.


This could be one of those cult classic games that could loved for a couple of years despite its flaws. RE delivers an action packed game with a ton of replay ability, the unlockables and multiple facets of the the multi player will make this a satisfying game to fans for a while.

Footage used in the video review was captured using the Roxio Game Capture device.

Overall Ratings – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City











Multiplayer Video

Carl Armstrong

Carl Armstrong

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