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‘Razer Edge’ Discussion with Razer Boss David Lim

/ Jan 9th, 2013 No Comments

Razer Edge Tablet - Interview with David Lim
Razer Edge Tablet - Interview with David Lim

Razer Edge Tablet – Interview with David Lim

Razer is an innovator in the world of PC gaming peripherals and their not-so-secret tablet has been unveiled at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas. Gaming Illustrated’s Ethan Smith reports from the floor of the show after a product demonstration at the Razer booth to talk about the new Razer Edge, a gaming PC stuffed happily into the form factor of a friendly tablet device.

Ethan Smith (GI): Hi. This is Ethan Smith with Gaming Illustrated and this is David Lim with Razer. Hi, David.

David Lim (Razer): Hey, how’s it going?

[adsense250itp]Ethan Smith (GI): Pretty great. We’re talking about the Razer Edge here. What would you say is the most exciting thing about the Razer Edge?

David Lim (Razer): Basically, it’s a tablet, it’s a PC and it’s a console all at the same time.

Ethan Smith (GI): Out of all the modes that you can use for it with … which mode do you think is probably the most quality gaming experience?

David Lim (Razer): I would say it would probably be between the gamepad mode or the home console mode. You’re playing at home, you want to go into your living room and play your PC games. Go ahead and hook up the dock and run Steam big picture and go on and play your favorite games on there. It’ll run just as smooth as an Xbox 360 or any other NextGen system out there. With the gaming controller, what makes it unique is the fact that it unleashes a whole new capability for your gaming experiences. Right now, we have the standard running with our gaming controllers and it adds a little bit of “differentness” to it because when you typically play a game like this one, you’ll be playing with your keyboard and mouse, but with this you have two joysticks on the side and you’re playing it like it’s a mobile handheld console.

Ethan Smith (GI): Now with the price starting at $999, are you worried at all that that might drive off any customers?

David Lim (Razer): Not really because when you think about it, it may be a little bit higher price point but you get all the power that you want in a typical PC gaming laptop except for it’s a mobile tablet. On the tablet side, if you have a regular tablet and you want to play a game, you have to wait for developers to create a game for you guys but with this tablet, you can automatically just sign into Steam or to Origin and go out and play your favorite games right there.

Ethan Smith (GI): Basically what you’re saying is that because it is a tablet and a PC and a gaming console, it essentially makes it so that you don’t have to buy one of each of those.

David Lim (Razer): Exactly. What’s great about it is that it’s the mobility of it. You’re running on a 10 point inch display. Very small form vector. It’s a little bit around two pounds. It’s not too heavy but you take that instead of carrying a tablet, a laptop and an Xbox 360. It’s highly worth it, I would say.

Ethan Smith (GI): Since it uses games like PC games, are you going to be adding any Macintosh or Linux capabilities?

David Lim (Razer): That is something that we’re still looking into. We don’t know yet but it’s definitely something that we’ve been looking into. Right now it runs on all Windows 8 operating systems.

Ethan Smith (GI): Now the battery life … anywhere from between one to six hours depending on what game you’re running. Is there going to be any … are you planning on extending that in any way?

David Lim (Razer): Yeah, we’re looking into that too as well. As you can see from our dock and our keyboard, as well as our game controller, there’s an extended battery inside of it so that’ll also give you guys a little bit more longevity while you’re playing your games.

Ethan Smith (GI): As for the compatibility, is the Razer Edge going to be ready for the next console generation? If I buy a $999 Razer now, will I still be ready to play games a year or two from now?

David Lim (Razer): I think so. Yes, you definitely can but then you also want to make sure you got … you need to realize that although this is the most powerful gaming tablet on the market right now, you also have to understand that what compensates for it is the mobility of it. If you’re going to really go for high power and that’s it, you might as well go for our Razer Blade units, our Gen Two units. If you want something where you can literally go on the go with, Razer Edge is the way to go.

Ethan Smith (GI): The Razer Edge, with giving us the extra mobility, what do you think that it’s going to do to the gaming community and the gaming industry?

David Lim (Razer): I have a feeling that the tablet, our Razer Edge tablet, will definitely open the doors for other gaming software companies. I think with the Windows Surface tablet and all that other stuff, right now we have to wait for developers to be able to create a program that they can play a game off of but this, this is ready and set to go. I think that just opens the gates and there’s no more limitations. You can go ahead and just play whatever game you want at any time.

Ethan Smith (GI): All right. This was Ethan with Gaming Illustrated and David Lim from Razer. Thank you very much, David.

Ethan Smith

Ethan Smith

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