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Rage Warriors (iOS) Review

/ Oct 18th, 2013 No Comments

Rage Warriors is a new fighting game available on iOS devices. Published by Reliance Games and developed by Lakshya Digital, Rage Warriors will remind gamers of the classic console fighting games they love. Reminiscent of Street Fighter, players will need to familiarize themselves with their character’s fighting styles, strengths and weaknesses as they attempt to prove their worth in a world ruled by chaos.


The setting in which Rage Warriors takes place is a dismal and violent future. Earth has been devastated by an unknown catastrophe and the once scenic terrain now gives way to a burned and shattered world. The landscape is cluttered with dilapidated buildings, scattered debris, and foul denizens. The remnants of civilization have fallen prey to barbaric practices as humans struggle to survive. To exacerbate the post-apocalyptic conditions these cretinous survivors have resorted to “The Fights” as their primary source of entertainment. “The Fights” are arenas where the most ferocious survivors battle to the death before a blood thirsty crowd. It is in these arenas players will have the opportunity to hone their combat skills, strategically select make-shift battle gear, and defeat challenging enemies. Although this story has been echoed in other media Rage Warrior was created to focus on the fight instead of the history.


Before beginning the climb to Rage Warrior infamy players must customize their character. Options for character appearance is lacking but the real customization will be determined by armor and weapons. After choosing basic aspects for character appearance players will determine which difficulty setting they would like to attempt (recruit, warrior, or gladiator setting). Once these foundations are set players can select the first of four fighting arenas. Each arena has 6 minions to conquer and one boss fight. For each minion defeated players have the opportunity to earn shells (the world’s currency), unlock armor, weaponry, and Rage Warrior achievements.
Shells allow for players to upgrade their weapons and armor. Upgrading gear enables the player to choose the best equipment for his or her champion’s fighting styles. Players can evaluate their overall armor and weapons performance in order to strategically purchase the right equipment for the right opponent. Unfortunately some of the data for equipment is difficult to interpret, causing frustration for some players. From makeshift battle axes to metal-laden body armor there are enough options for players to construct the ultimate fighter. In addition, any equipment not unlocked through game progression can be bought, but for a hefty shell price.

Rage Warriors

Rage Warriors

The actual combat in Rage Warriors is engaging and requires strategy. Due to calculated enemies players will not survive by mindlessly mashing down on their cell phones. Traditional combat moves, such as slash or kick, can be combined to create elaborate and effective chain attacks. Block is a particularly vital defense in Rage Warriors. During battle warriors have an adrenaline bar which is slowly filled for each successful block against an enemy’s attack. Depending on how much adrenaline the player has earned he or she can either perform an adrenaline attack or a rage attack. These devastating special combination attacks are customized according to the player’s fighting style and needs. Enemies also have the capability to perform special attacks, thus a wise gamer would be careful to avoid pounding away at enemy shields.

Special attacks can also deliver unique effects like stun or excessive bleeding. After disposing of pesky minions players will need to defeat the more competitive bosses. Each arena has its own boss and each boss will require a different method of fighting. To destroy bosses players may need to switch armor or combat methods. Special attacks will prove imperative during boss fights so gamers should plan effective combination moves. There are numerous moves for players to choose from and six combo slots available, four of which will need to be unlocked by annihilating bosses. Organizing combination chains keeps the gamer engaged and there are plenty of possible combinations and fighting styles to keep Rage Warriors from becoming boring. Overachieving gamers may also appreciate the litany of game achievements to be won. These achievements range from winning matches without using block or kick to spending large amounts of shell on contest gear.

Rage Warriors

Rage Warriors

Struggling for survival in Rage Warriors is fun but that is not to suggest it is easy. Players will want to exercise brain power in order to build an invincible futuristic gladiator. However, the added complexity to the gameplay enables Rage Warriors to stay fresh and entertaining.


Much attention to detail has been given in this relatively short iOS game. Rage Warriors’ industrial, gritty aesthetics compliment the game’s overall apocalyptic tone. Metal armor shows signs of wear and tear with rusted gashes. Brushed belt buckles, buttons, and deteriorating fabrics all add to the grungy atmosphere. Every object presented in Rage Warriors successfully describes a world attempting to adjust to chaos.

Surprisingly there is little actual violence for such a savage story. Blood splatter is rarely noticed by the player and rage attacks, which can include devastating head smashes, do not leave visible marks on their victims. For more mature players this may be a slight disappointment as it takes away from the realism of the game. In addition, occasionally if combo attacks are being performed by both parties too quickly the game will lag. This lag poses a risk that players could lose health and possibly the match.

While the art of the game depicts a serious vibe the shouts, grunts, or guttural laughs by characters are ridiculously funny. Satirical, over-emphasized “HA HA HAs” after every defeat bring comic relief for the more competitive player. The music and the expected sounds of slashing, stabbing, and dying are all implemented well. Overall, Lakshya Digital gets a job well done for their efforts in graphics and sense of humor in sound effects.


Reliance Games and Lakshya Digital have delivered a fun, energetic, classic fighting game for mobile users. Both new and old fighting lovers will appreciate the story, design, and gameplay. Multiple levels, enemies, bosses, and technique combinations will keep matches from growing tedious, leaving gamers wanting more. Rage Warriors is available in the App Store for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone for a price of $2.99.

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray

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Rachel Gray

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