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Race the Sun (PC) Review

/ Dec 7th, 2013 No Comments

Speeding through worlds that change daily, dodging obstacles that want nothing more than to destroy player vehicles, and avoiding shadows while attempting to move forward towards the never-ending horizon are just a few of the things that makes Flippfly’s Race the Sun an utterly hypnotizing and yet highly addicting game. Maybe it’s the fact that the finish line is really just a metaphor for the player’s score that drives the needs to continue to play and beat their previous race, or maybe it’s the fact that the game has the potential to become a cornucopia of player-generated content through the in-game Simplex World Creator. Currently in public beta after being funded through Kickstarter earlier this year, Race the Sun is one indie game that more people should be made aware of.


The gameplay for Race the Sun is both very simple and highly addictive at the same time. The game changes every 24 hours, giving players a new map to race on. And not only does the map change but the leader boards are also reset each day. As players progress through the game, they are rewarded with new power-ups and modifications to their car, adding new depth for the player as a reward for continuing to play. Objectives are also listed for the player to complete adding to the addictive properties already found in the game. Fast speeds, moving obstacles, and an ever changing world make are sure to keep players playing for a long time.


The graphics for this game are simple, but sometimes simple is better. The minimalistic graphics for Race the Sun help enhance the game play as they allow the colors found in the game to really stand out, which most of the time are indicators of power-ups and Tris (collect Tris to increase your multiplier) to help the player out. The sleek shapes also help immerse the player in the race before them, allowing them to zone into the game and focus on avoiding obstacles while staying in the sunlight. As the sun sets the sky begins to change to a deep red, informing players that they don’t have much time before their solar powered vehicle runs out of power and leaves them stranded.


Race the Sun has an original 4-song soundtrack that changes as the players move through the landscape. The songs are well produced and the soundtrack for the later landscapes help tie into the stress the players may feel while trying to race the sun while the beginning songs motivate the player to want to keep going. The songs do loop, but thankfully they don’t seem to get tiring or boring due to the tempo and the overall nature of the game.


The landscapes found in Race the Sun change on a daily basis. This helps the game feeling fresh and helps keep players interested. The obstacles and surroundings will be different each day while the object remains the same, to race the sun. The games also boasts an amazing in-game level creator called the Simplex World Creator. In this creator players can make their own levels for others to try out. The imagination is the limit with this creator as players get to control everything from the background to the obstacles that attempt to stop others from progressing further. On top of being able to play other players levels, there are also “User World Portals” that when entered, they will automatically teleport players to the worlds created by others.


For still being in beta, Race the Sun is a very polished game. Sure it still has a few bugs found here or there, but that’s really about it. The sleek graphics, compelling music, and daily changes make this a very unique racing game. Flippfly is also currently trying to get the game up on Steam through the Greenlight program, so they urge fans to visit Steam to help spread the word. Fast speeds, addictive properties, player-generated content, and daily changes make Race the Sun a very fun score-chasing indie game hit that is sure to grab and hold onto player’s interest.

Shyla Lane Bragg

Shyla Lane Bragg

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Shyla is a huge MMO and F2P gamer and a newcomer to Gaming Illustrated.
Shyla Lane Bragg

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