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PS4 Games

/ May 29th, 2013 No Comments

PS4 Games

PS4 Games

It’s time to turn the cameras on to Sony‘s upcoming PS4 games. Here is some info on the games that are confirmed to be released on PS4.

The Exclusives

Sony is definitely one to keep up with exclusives for the console. Among the PS4 games that will be exclusives is Knack, a game that tells the story of some strange looking robot (Knack) that is built to protect humankind from goblins. Guerilla Games (The guys behind Killzone) are also working on a visually stunning game called Shadow Fall, which is actually supposed to be the next chapter of Killzone, but this one promises to be of a far larger scope and size. Another unique racing title that’s being developed by the studio behind Motorstorm is on its way to being among the exclusive PS4 games as well. Word has it that the plan is to use PS4 hardware as a means to be able to design these racing machines and emulate racing experiences to the tiniest details possible. We all remember the Infamous duo of games for the PS3, which were developed by Sucker Punch.

[adsense250itp]The next game in the series is confirmed as one of the exclusive PS4 games with the current name of Infamous: Second Son, which will expand on the storyline of human beings that evolve and develop supernatural powers. One of the coolest studios around: Media Molecule, who is responsible for Little Big Planet is also hard at work to make a difference in the next generation. It appears they will be taking advantage of the Move controller to allow players to interesting stuff like design 3D objects and characters in a digital world. David Cage, a guy who seems incapable of designing a game that doesn’t flip conventional gameplay styles upside down has hinted that Beyond: Two Souls may also see an exclusive release on PS4. Perhaps one of the most mysterious looking games to be released for PS4 is The Witness, which looks like a very strange puzzle/adventure game of sorts. To wrap up the exclusives, Capcom has also shown off some supreme graphics in their working title Deep Down. But, it is not clear what this game is about; all we can say is look forward to medieval knights, lots of fire, and dragons.

More Exciting PS4 Games to Look Forward To:

Gran Turismo 6 has been confirmed to release for PS3 only, but fret not virtual racers, EA has shown off some amazing images of Need for Speed Rivals, which will indeed be added to the list of PS4 games. Of course, it wouldn’t be the next-gen without a new Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Ghosts has been announced for next-gen systems and is confirmed to be using a brand new COD engine, but it can expect some competition with EA Digital Illusions CE developing the highly anticipated Battlefield 4. Sports games are wasting no time in getting ready for the next generation with FIFA, Madden, PES, and NBA all expected to take advantage of the new hardware with revolutionary graphics and physics. Remember an old game that involved racing around town running over countless civilians? Not GTA, no… Carmageddon! Believe it or not, Stainless Games Studios had a successful Kickstarter campaign that got them over $650,000 to create what is known as Carmageddon: Reincarnation, but Bullfrog co-founder Les Edgar invested helped bring their budget up to $3.5 million. That should be bloody interesting. Bungie, which is well known for its massively successful Halo series, is working on a breathtaking game called Destiny. The story will play on the strengths of the Halo series, but promises to be a progressive departure from the Halo formula. It appears that Square Enix is working on a PS4 game that showcases gorgeous visuals. The hint taken from this showing was that this is definitely a Final Fantasy game. How many Final Fantasies can you make? It doesn’t matter; the fans love them. Ubi Soft is also confirmed as working on a next-gen title called Watch Dogs, which appears to be a technology-based, urban city, open world thriller. This one’s confirmed to be a launch title among other PS4 games. Another fan favorite confirmed for next-gen consoles is Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. Each game seems to have gotten better than the last, so let’s hope that trend continues.

The Next Generation Awaits…

It’s nice to know that some amazing development studios are putting some real time and effort into creating the next generation of games. It’s pretty hard to predict at this point whether the popularity of next-gen efforts will sway towards PS4 games or Xbox One games, that’s a mystery that won’t be obvious for a while. But, one thing is for sure: This is going to be awesome!

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