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PS4 Controller Continuing a Tradition of Innovation

/ May 24th, 2013 3 Comments

PS4 Controller
PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller is a revolutionary evolution of Sony’s famous DualShock technology. The core design of the PS4 controller is similar to prior Sony DualShock controllers hailing all the way back to the original PlayStation. Originally, the PlayStation featured a basic controller with a D-Pad, four buttons split between the left and right shoulders, a select/start button and the iconic Sony button set (Square, Triangle, Circle and X). Eventually, Sony released the Dual Analog controller for the PS1, which added two analog joy sticks to the set up, but the Dual Analog soon phased out of existence as Sony introduced the first DualShock controller. The DualShock featured two vibrating motors that responded with vibrations to the action taking place on screen. This DualShock technology has become the signature feature of Sony systems ever since.

[adsense250itp]With the introduction of the PlayStation 2, Sony did not change much to the look of the DualShock controller, but rather added some internal changes that made a big difference. The shoulder buttons were squared off to make a small cosmetic change. Inside the controller was where the biggest differences occurred. The DualShock 2 was much lighter than the prior controller. Its Analog Sticks were stiffer leading to more precise movements and accuracy. The biggest difference between the DualShock and DualShock 2 was that the buttons (except for the L3 and R3 buttons and menu buttons) now registered as analog values. Which added pressure sensitivity to the buttons allowing for different types of gameplay experiences. Notably, the PS2 marked the first branding of the controller as a DualShock, which will make its fourth iteration with the PS4 controller.

DualShock 4 for PS4

DualShock 4 as PS4 controller.

After the PS2, Sony was riding high on their market dominance, which lead to the crazy promises about what the PlayStation 3 was capable of (it will talk to gamers’ toaster like a schizophrenic homeless person) and some complacency on Sony’s part (which lead to its slipping console supremacy in the seventh generation). This insanity and hubris might have been initially seen as partially or wholly responsible for Sony doing away with the DualShock line of controllers for the Sixaxis controller that launched with the PS3. The Sixaxis controller featured motion sensing technology providing six degrees of freedom to the controller allowing for a wide range of motion. Additionally, the Sixaxis added more precision to analog controls with higher sensitivity and the controller received digital and analog inputs simultaneously during gameplay. The frame below the L2 and R2 buttons was removed to give them a trigger feel changing the analog input from pressure sensitive to distance sensitivity.

Outside of that, the Sixaxis remained similar cosmetically with the exception of the PS home button (allowing players to return to the XMB, switch controller port or turn off the system) replacing the analog button beneath the select/start buttons, the lack of L2/R2 frames and the four LED lights to indicate controller ports. Finally, the Sixaxis added wireless technology to the controller, but the motion control innovations resulted in the loss vibration in the controller (a lawsuit about the rumble technology was a bigger hurdle than the motion sensing). Once the Immersion lawsuit was settled in March 2007, Sony was able to add rumble features again to their controllers leading them to release the DualShock 3 with Sixaxis technology that allowed for both motion sensing and rumble to work simultaneously. The Sixaxis was almost immediately discontinued and gamers have politely forgotten about it much like everyone’s JNCO pant phase in middle school. The DualShock 3 remains the dominant Sony controller leading right up to the newest innovation of the technology with the PS4 controller.

The PS4 controller features an updated design of the popular DualShock look. DualShock 4 looks more ergonomic than prior iterations. Sony took plenty of input from developers (such as Naughty Dog, Media Molecule and other first-party Sony studios) on what lacked in the DualShock 3 that they could implement to make it better. What is most striking about the PS4 controller is the added light bar above the charging port. This light bar registers where the controller is located allowing it to track the position among multiple controllers. That gives the PS4 the ability to keep track of who is holding which controller, so if player one hands off to another player across the room, the split screen will re-adjust, moving player 1’s screen to this new location. Or if players simply swap places then it registers that as well. The light bar will change colors to let people know which player is which on screen and the patterns on the bar will change to respond to status in game such a low health.


Upload on the fly with the Share button on the newest PS4 controller.

The PS4 controller also features improved Sixaxis motion sensing refining the sensitivity of the Sixaxis sensor for improved functionality. On top of the controller is a touch pad that is multitouch, which will allow for new gameplay opportunities by either thumbing or flicking the touchpad. Additionally, controller for the PlayStation 4 features a speaker located above the PS home button that will add some extra high-fidelity sound dimensions to gameplay. On the bottom of the PS4 controller is a headphone jack that will allow players to jack a Mono Headset into the port allowing for chat during games. The Select/Start buttons have been combined into the new “OPTIONS” button that will allow players one simple button to pause the game or change settings in the game.

“SHARE” may be the most intriguing new feature of the PS4 controller. This “SHARE” button is located next to the D-Pad and it will allow players to share gameplay immediately with the press of a button. With this share function, gamers can now upload footage of impressive gameplay directly to streaming services such as Ustream or directly to Facebook so friends can see their achievements. Players no longer have to worry about converting video formats like they have to on the PC, the PS4’s share button will allow players to share easily with friend in real-time. Lastly, the unit can be charged in a dedicated charging station during system standby or use a smartphone charging cable via the USB port.

It has been a long road leading to the latest innovations with the PS4 controller, but the DualShock 4 may be the best Sony controller yet.

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3 responses to “PS4 Controller Continuing a Tradition of Innovation”

  1. Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3 says:

    The DualShock 4 IS without a doubt the best controller yet and PS4 will be Sony’s best console yet. Sony’s on a role right now in the industry and I think it will keep excelling from this point forward. There’s nothing that can stop Sony..or even Nintendo and the Wii U. The Japanese are the ones responsible for the great games and technology we have today and it’s about they got back to being in charge of steering the industry in the right direction. Microsoft and their Xbox One are going down without a fight!!! Time for Sony and Nintendo to teach em a lesson and show em who is boss!!! No question about it!!!

  2. KWC500k says:

    Sony is crap and their innovation this time around is on par with Nintendo Wii U. Xbox one just broke the bar with the interaction between the console and it’s environment. I will give it to you that Sony’s design is more beautiful. They usually are but they have always lacked in functionality and universal interaction. Sony bluetooth headphones only communicate with sony devices. Are you kidding me?? You will be about to interact with you Vita. So what that is like Nintendo and their LCD screen controller. This devices are for product only where as Microsoft have given people Smart Glass where guess what you can do what these product devices do only universal with many smart phones and many tablet of most companies. This year Nintendo and PS4 are just a waste if not for unique titles. Xbox also has Destiny, a game by the Halo group that has Halo fans already quite interested in. Sony and Nintendo are not going to last a few months against Xbox when it releases. It turns your TV into a better smart TV then the smart tvs currently available. It has all the features of the PS4 but goes even further with the user interaction and connectivity. Good luck Sony and Nintendo I hope you crash and burn because you didn’t do your homework. It was pretty obvious what Microsoft was going to come out with if you examine their current technology, research and direction.

    • Ben says:

      The Ps4 has 3 preorders for every 2 xbox orders so I think Sony will be just fine. Always online and no used games will kill it. stupid idea

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