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Pokémon X and Y: Top 5 Expectations

/ May 8th, 2013 2 Comments

Pokemon X and Y

With Pokémon X and Pokémon Y so close and yet so far away, now is the perfect time to speculate. There is very little information known about this Generation, with most information being limited to new Pokémon on a new console. Nobody knows what actually to expect in Pokémon X and Y. Some people want very little changed, just new Pokémon in a new land without any major gameplay changes. Other people want the game to be more of a relaunch, with new gameplay elements and fundamental changes. Personally, these are the Top 5 things that I would like to expect from Pokémon X and Y.

#5: The Entire Pokédex Available This Generation

[adsense250itp]The first one on the list is something people have wanted since Generation II. Ever since Gen II, it has been a chore to complete the full Pokédex in one generation. Each new version leaves out huge chunks of pokémon, which forces players to trade up through several different games. This is a hassle and a chore, and something that would be very easy to fix in Gen VI. All of the Pokémon do not have to be available in the wild, they could be give out as prizes for online play, in game contests or even a safari zone type deal.

#4: Overhauling Training and Breeding Fields

A feature not known to the average Pokémon fan, is EV(Effort Value) training in which you can manipulate what stats a Pokémon will gain when they level up. However up until now, players were forced to track it manually and they could never be completely sure how many EVs they had accrued. A simple numeric value and specific page to view a Pokémon’s EVs on would be a huge asset.

As far as breeding is concerned, there is almost no reason to breed for any reason other than for a specific nature/ability. For most people, there is no reason to breed whatsoever. The entire system needs to be redone and overhauled. Perhaps introduce Pokémon that can only be found by breeding two specific Pokes together, and not just two of the same to receive the baby form.

#3: More End Game

In every Generation outside of 2 and 5.5(Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2), the game was essentially over when someone finished with the Elite 4. In Gen II, players could explore the entire region of Kanto. It came complete with its own set of Gym Leaders to vanquish. In Gen V 1/2, players had an entire story to continue on. For Gen VI, why not just merge the two? Flesh out the story, have it continue well passed the Elite 4, and have trainers go and visit some favorite past regions. Hoenn and Sinnoh have not had love in a long time, and it would be great to see them in full 3D.

The Stunning 3DS.

#2: A Difficulty System

In Black and White 2, they added the easy and hard difficulties. To unlock Hard, gamers had to trade with somebody who had already beaten the opposite version. For this upcoming generation, I would love to have Hard unlocked from the start. The Pokemon vets who have been playing the games since Gen I would love to be challenged again without having to impose special rules on themselves.

And without further adieu, the top pick of my Top 5 expectations is…

#1: Revamped Multiplayer

The GTS in it’s current form doesn’t feel like a hub for meeting and trading, just a series of load screens to the Pokemon black market.

While the DS’ multiplayer was a huge advancement for the time, it is still dreadful. Matchmaking has no sort of skill matching, trading is abysmal and communicating overall is just difficult. For this generation, every bit of the multiplayer could do with a rework. The GTS could have more refined searches allowing players to look for specific trainers who are looking to trade the Poke they want for the Poke they are offering. The ability to leave them a message giving a counter offer of their trade would also be great in facilitating actual trades. In its current state, the GTS is more like a market for Pokemon, not a trading system.

For battling, I’d love to have a real matchmaking system. Ladders, rating and being able to specify what rules players looking to play under. Perhaps they can even add in entire online tournaments run by Nintendo. These tournaments could reward shinies, event pokes or even starters from earlier Generations. The possibilities are endless.

Well these are the 5 things that I’m wishing for from Pokémon X and Y. Hopefully at least one of them will make it into this Generation. Of course, we here at Gaming Illustrated will keep fans updated with any upcoming news about Pokémon X and Y.

Alec Levine

Alec Levine

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Alec is an avid PC gamer who has been gaming for over 15 years. In addition to playing RTS, MOBAs and RPGs, he enjoys annoying his girlfriend and chasing neighborhood cats.
Alec Levine
Alec Levine

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  • oshawott

    How about voice chat while trading over GTS? I know people across the world like don’t speak the same language, but I’d still love to be able to actually speak with someone about the pokemon we’re trading.

    • Alec Levine

      Exactly! I remember trading with my friends as a kid, and we’d sort of pitch each other whatever Pokemon we wanted to trade. It was so fun giving a speech of sorts to your trade partner to convince them that your Ditto was worth their Vulpix. I miss that, and it’d be wonderful if it was brought back in X and Y. Great idea!

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