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Pokemon 3DS: More Than Just 3D Effects

/ Jun 26th, 2013 1 Comment

[adsense250itp]Pokemon 3DS releases on October 19, 2013. This legendary RPG game series has finally advanced to a whole new level with Pokemon X and Y. It will be exciting to have the game in 3D, but what is going to make Pokemon 3DS better than the older games are the new features: character customization, Player Search System (PSS), and a different battle system with dynamic camera angles that will make the game more entertaining.

The character customization allows players to choose their hero’s gender, hairstyle, hair color, and skin color. Later on, new clothing and accessory items can be chosen and changed into. Small details like this allow gamers to have some uniqueness as a character other than coming up with a cool name.

The PSS is another aspect of Pokemon 3DS that will allow fans to connect with others through the Internet. Now everyone playing Pokemon X and Y can easily talk, battle, or trade with each other at any time. Connecting with other players will be easier than it had been on the DS and prior Nintendo handhelds.

Pokemon 3DS will also have new battle systems. Horde encounters will be a new challenge because multiple Pokemon can attack at once. Imagine battling five Houndours against your single Pokemon. Sounds scary, right? Well, this may be harder, but by defeating that many Pokémon simultaneously allows the Pokemon in battle to advance levels quicker. No longer will players wander around having to fight Pokemon one at a time just to gain some minor experience points. Only to have those 1-on-1 battles have their own Pokemon level up slowly.

There will also be sky battles where only flying Pokemon can fight. This is a unique battle system where gamers can fight trainers who are farther away and where players are limited to what kind of Pokemon they can choose. During sky battles, you can experience the new dynamic camera angles. All battles have a new perspective shift. The camera is no longer static. Players do not have to be stuck looking behind their Pokemon during battle scenes, but now they can finally see multiple angles while a Pokemon attacks or defends. These new angles will create more excitement while battling foes.

These new features along with many others will make Pokemon 3DS more thrilling to play. The more freedom in character design, the more personal your character becomes. The more difficult the challenges are, the more benefits you will have. By giving the battle visuals a more cinematic effect, the more entertaining it will be to watch. Pokemon 3DS will be a whole new experience that goes beyond just 3D effects.


Kayla Madison

Kayla Madison

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Kayla is double majoring in creative writing and fine arts and has a passion for video games as well as fantasy and science fiction stories.
Kayla Madison
Kayla Madison

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One response to “Pokemon 3DS: More Than Just 3D Effects”

  1. Garrus Vakarian says:

    Don’t forget the ability to move diagonally and Pokemon – Amie where you get to interact with your Pokemon growing stronger bonds.

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