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PlayStation 4 Release Date

/ Apr 26th, 2013 6 Comments

PlayStation 4 Release Date

PlayStation 4 Release Date

PlayStation 4 Release Date

Sony has yet to tell the gaming world when the PlayStation 4 Release Date will be but we have some insider information that pins the date to a specific two week period during 2013. The PlayStation 4 announcement happened back in February, 2013 and took the gaming industry by storm. For the first time in approximately seven years, Sony will be bringing out a new console gaming system. This set off a ton of rumors about the price, availability, number of models and of course, the release date for the PlayStation 4 system.

[adsense336itp]When pinning down the PlayStation 4 release date, all media outlets were made aware that the units would be available to the public in North America “Holiday, 2013” according to SCEA President, Andrew House. While that is a very broad window of time, it came as no surprise that Sony would want the release date for their new console system to be in time for the lucrative holiday shopping season. Whether or not the PlayStation 4 appears on store shelves before Thanksgiving remains to be seen, but we expect that the PlayStation 4 will have its release much sooner.

According to various sources, in addition to the rumor mill around other sites, the PlayStation 4 release date will be in October of 2013. The speculation is that it will actually be the last two weeks of October 2013, starting around the 16th to the 30th of the month. This would be in line with traditional electronic rollouts for bigger products done in the past by industry giant, Apple. For Sony, getting the PlayStation 4 on the right foot would only put salt in the wounds of one of their big competitors in the gaming niche, Nintendo. The Wii U has not lived up to expectations from a sales standpoint and many point to the imminent release of the PlayStation 4 and upcoming Microsoft unit (Xbox 720?) as the reason why.

Whether or not Sony releases the PlayStation 4 before Thanksgiving remains to be seen, with the true release date expected to be revealed at their official E3 press conference in June 2013. For now, we’ll speculate based on some information we’ve been hearing that the PS4 will indeed be available the last two weeks of October, with pre-order sales starting up shortly after E3 in late June.

The gaming world has its eyes firmly set on Sony’s latest offering, thanks to the robust hardware and interesting alliances they’ve made with this new generation of product, specifically with Blizzard Entertainment. This could signal a new era for Sony, who desperately wants to win this round of the console wars.

Sean Gibson

Sean Gibson

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  • Even better news … the sooner the better for pre-orders…idk how long I’ll be able to keep this $600 pre order money for the full loaded console and a couple games on standby b4 bills start catching up XD!!!

    • gamingillustrated

      Trust me I feel the same way!

  • That date could still be subject to change.

    So it would be more accurate to speculate a time period, in which case, anywhere from October-January would fit a good bill (Technically, early January fits into the Holiday season despite being the first weeks of the next year).

    • gamingillustrated

      At this exact point in time I don’t think Sony even knows the exact release date, but I think some of us are guessing a pretty finite range. I think Oct-Jan is WAAAAY too broad and that we really know that this sucker is getting release late Oct and at the latest, early November. It’s impossible to think that Sony doesn’t get the PS4 out by Thansgiving (last week of Nov).

  • Keith Gumbrell

    Already pre ordered my ps4 at graingergames in my home town in the uk. Cant wait for release. The sooner the better. Ps4 looks like it has a few good games on the way. So its sold for me. Hopefully the release dates that I have read of October are true. Hopefully it will be even sooner. Noy really bothered about what ms has to offer this time round. I got a ps3 at the moment. Used to have a xbox 360 but traded it in. Lost interest in it.


    • gamingillustrated

      Crazy that there are pre-order opportunities already in the UK. Nothing has been announced officially here in the USA.

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