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New Playstation 3 Slim Model Preview

/ Jul 11th, 2012 No Comments

PS3 Slim

PS3 Slim

PS3 Slim replacing the “new” PS3 that was already … slimmer?

While there is news of a Playstation 4 (purportedly called the Orbis) somewhere on the horizon, Sony is in the process of rolling out a new model of the Playstation 3. reports that documents filed with the FCC show that a new PS3 model, the 4000, may be announced at gamescom next month. The documents, originally discovered by Pocket News, show a new model that includes a new position for the FCC label. Until we get an official name, people are referring to the model as the PlayStation 3 Slim Edition, an unofficial monicker stemming from the rumored slimmer form factor of the unit. Many are speculating that at the upcoming Gamescom event in August, Sony will make the announcement about this new PS3 edition.

In the fall of 2009, Sony presented a new model: the 3000 series. 32% smaller, 36% lighter, and consuming 34% less power than the previous model, we can only imagine that the 4000 series will have similar improvements. This will most likely mean a price drop for the current series. Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida, when asked about the new hardware revisions, told Eurogamer, “We should never say never – hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller.”

With the potential announcement of the Playstation 4 on the horizon, will we be seeing Sony support the PS3 into the next generation of gaming? Sony has stated in the past that their current console will have a ten-year life span. This new iteration of the PS3 may be their last foray into the current generation of consoles; similar to the strategy they adopted for the PS2 Slim.

We should remember that when the PS3 was first released, Sony was supporting the PS2 well into the life cycle of the new console. Sony even created a new “slimline” version of the PS2, only a year and a half before the PS3 was released in Japan. Publishers, such as Atlus, continued to release and sell games for the aged console. Although this may have been due to the early PS3 being backwards compatible, PS2s were still generating new revenue from around the globe. Sony even managed to sell 3 million consoles just last year.

With over 150 million units sold (and rising), the PS2 is the best-selling console of all time. Although they may not see this kind of success with the new “super-slim” PS3 line, they may continue to support the six-year-old console well into the life of the next generation of gaming. It will be interesting to see what happens with the PS3 as gaming begins its trend towards downloadable and cloud-based gaming. With ample hard drive space, free access to online content through Playstation Network, and the consistent release of older titles to PSN, the new PS3 “super slim” may be a great budget system for the online gamer.

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Taylor Loreto

Taylor Loreto

Taylor Loreto is a newcomer to Gaming Illustrated and covers the latest news in the gaming industry.


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