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Pizza Titan Ultra Review: Delivery Mech

/ Nov 28th, 2018 No Comments

Pizza Titan Ultra Review

Everyone loves pizza. Well, every person who is pure and good. Pizza is one of the most delicious foods and it is perfect for so many =occasions. The one issue with pizzas is how long it takes to get, whether you have to drive over to the pizzeria or wait for some joker to come deliver it to you in an Nissan Sentra. What if there was a better way to enjoy this delicious meal?

Pizza Titan Ultra posits a world where a giant mech delivers your pizza with speed and style. It is a game where the humor is undeniable, the gameplay is fun, and the music is rocking.

30 Seconds or Less

There is only one place to get the best pizza in town: Pizza Titan Ultra. If you want the tastiest ‘za with those ultra ingredients, don’t hesitate to call. As one of the most popular mechanized pizzerias around, business is good. Pizza Titan Ultra’s clientele is the crème de la crème who often have highly specialized orders or very specific delivery instructions. Luckily, no pizza is out of their wheelhouse, be it a combo or an ultra healthy, GMO-free wood crust ‘za.

While delivering pizzas is the cornerstone of Pizza Titan Ultra, it isn’t their only concern. The rise of dastardly Cheezbots in the city has become a problem. These foul robots are spreading awful artificial cheez all across the city, trying to supply people with subpar ingredients and nasty ‘za at the behest of Cheezborg. Their boldness is causing a real problem, and the only ones who can stop it is Pizza Titan Ultra.

Pizza Titan Ultra Review

The VIP customers are an eclectic bunch. Some might seem real familiar.

Pizza Titan Ultra’s narrative is pure fun. It is like a Saturday morning cartoon smoked too much weed while watching Adult Swim. Everything about it — from the light, goofy plot to the cheeky dynamics of the employees and the silly clientele they encounter — is a good time.

What stands out the most is the pop culture allusions, references and goofs the customers represent. These pizza fiendin’ parodies are a riot. A large part of the fun is figuring out who the customer is referencing.

Stomping Through Your Neighborhood

Delivering pizzas seems like a simple task. If high school kids with acne can get it to your house, how hard can it be? Turns out, even with a top-of-the-line mech, it is pretty damn tough. Piloting your pizza-delivering mech is much more complicated than it seems. Not only are you concerned with speed, but the city being overrun with annoying Cheezbots means you have to worry about evasive and offensive maneuvers as well.

Time is vitally important. Whether you’re delivering a pizza to a VIP customer or merely doing your standard deliveries around the city, time is never on your side. Your efficiency means more money in your pocket, so every second counts.

When performing your missions, you can add seconds to the timer by delivering pizzas, which has a bonus of filling your coffers. You can also increase your delivery window by gathering clocks scattered across the city. Adding seconds can make the difference between achieving a gold ranking or a bronze one.

There are two types of missions you’ll undertake in Pizza Titan Ultra: story missions and free run missions. Free run missions have no objective other than to make as much money as possible within the time limit. By gathering cash drops, destroying Cheezbots, delivering pizzas to customers and making special pizzas, you’ll fatten up your pockets. These missions are a great way to scout the part of the city you’re going to make deliveries for in story missions. Often, this is where you want to find out where all the ultra ingredients are to help add some serious cash to your till. By delivering as many pizzas as possible, you can extend your time and keep going for that gold ranking.

Story missions are a bit different. While you’re still going to make deliveries to increase your time, they often have a specific objective necessary for completion. These missions parameters are set by the VIP customers placing orders. Sometimes it is as simple as gathering ultra ingredients to make a ultra fresh pizza, but other times it can more tricky — like destroying a specific number of Cheezbot enemies or demolishing an entire suburban neighborhood for a shady construction company. Story missions add a good amount of variety to the game because free run can start to feel too similar after awhile.

Being at the whim of feckless and eccentric customers creates a lot of moral ambiguity for a service-driven job. However, in Pizza Titan Ultra, the customer is always right. The story missions become more complex as you delve deeper into the game. Often, multiple objectives need to be satisfied before you can make your final delivery. As a result of needing to complete more than one objective and tougher enemies, missions become increasingly harder. If you’re not savvy with your time, offense and evasion, you can quickly find your mech in trouble.

Pizza Titan Ultra Review

Combat is a smooth mix of evasion, offense and smart use of your super move.

Any good business needs to do two main things: make customers happy and turn a profit. Every mission you undertake earns money for Pizza Titan Ultra. Money is all good and well, but what can you buy with your cash? After collecting a ton of sweet dosh, you can head to the garage to customize your mech to your liking, or you can spend it to unlock new areas.

There are a range of customization options for the head, arms, legs and body of your mech. Tricking it out is easy once you have plenty of cash. The bonus to buying more custom parts is it unlocks additional special moves. Not only will you look more stylish, but you’ll be more formidable when dealing with Cheezborgs.

The game’s fun arcade-style gameplay takes awhile to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be delivering pizzas while gathering ultra ingredients and taking out Cheezbots with ease. Most importantly, you’ll be stacking that paper.


Pizza Titan Ultra is an inventive game bursting with creativity. It capitalizes on its humorous premise with simple mechanics that provide for a surprising amount of depth. The rambunctious cast and colorful customers results in a frenzied but exciting experience. If you ever thought pizza technology couldn’t get better than the pizza tracker, you are dead wrong.

Pizza Titan Ultra was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by the developer.
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