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Pig Eat Ball Review: Emetophobes Beware

/ Jan 8th, 2020 No Comments

Pig Eat Ball Review

You may feel like you’ve gone insane. It might seem suffering from a brain eating disease, but rest assured everything is fine. This is normal. This is Pig Eat Ball.

Pig Eat Ball is a wild ride. Delightful arcade fun with a nuts world and silly story.

On the Day of My Daughter’s Wedding?

When King Cake feels it is time for his daughter, Princess Bow to marry finally, he decides to hold many games on the Space Station Kingdom to determine a good suitor. The participant who obtains the most Pearls wins the right to marry the princess. While he wishes for her to marry for her future, she wants to travel the world.

Her father ignores her desires for freedom and to travel the world. She decides to enter the Royal Ball Games in a disguise to win and pursue her own dreams. The big wrinkle to everything is the space station is rapidly exhausting it’s Pearl resources. What is going on with the Space Station Kingdom and King Cake?

Pig Eat Ball Review
Girls just want to explore the world on their own terms and don’t want to get married in some patriarchal standard of what is proper.

Pig Eat Ball has a wondrously bizarre story. It is driven by an off-kilter sense of humor and odd characters. The world is full of Cake Kings, Pig Princesses, Prawn advisors, oyster worlds, and so much more. Finding your bearings is difficult, but if you strap in for the ride than it is easier to come to grips with the insanity.

The world is inventive, disgusting and incongruously compelling. What makes the story and game successful is how the t feels like a 90’s MTV Cartoon in its grimey atmosphere without feeling like it is purposefully aping that style. Like the dizzying long eyelashes in the Aeon Flux opening credits or the uncomfortable close ups in Ren & Stimpy, Pig Eat Ball will make you feel uncomfortable, but you can’t look away.


Pig Eat Ball delivers unique arcade style gameplay. The princess must travel across the space station earning pearls from oysters to impress her father, the King. By completing challenges orchestrated by the oysters, the princess earns valuable pearls that open up different areas of the space station to earn more pearls from other oysters. It is kind of like a snake eating its tail but in that delightfully video game-y way.

Pearls are super important for progressing in the game, and earning them is done by getting at least a bronze medal in the various challenges an oyster presents. The actual gameplay literally involves princess pig eating tennis balls because tennis was the national sport until it fell out of favor…now there is a surplus of tennis balls. While the number of tennis balls varies from challenge to challenge, the constant is completing the challenge as quickly as possible. Gold medals are awarded for finishing the quickest.

Pig Eat Ball Review
Man, imagine doing something when you’re not getting paid.

The core gameplay is sucking up tennis balls until getting enough to complete the challenge. Since the princess constantly hooves in anything around her, she can use her suction to her advantage to pull tennis balls through blockades and across great distances. Early puzzle solving becomes utilizing the suctions effectively to get blockaded balls.

Eventually, obstacles get introduced into challenges and they vary. Early obstacles in challenges are simple eat X amount of tennis balls quickly as you avoid spikes, while others require the princess to navigate specific hazards without losing too many hearts. Like one level requires the princess to avoid sharp, spiky walls with narrow corridors as she hungry, hungry hippos up all of the tennis balls while using moving platforms to maneuver the balls into the proper place.

Pig Eat Ball Review
Pig Eat Ball is best described as vomtious.

Eat a lot of balls quickly sounds easy, right? It gets more complicated because the laws of conservation of mass as observed in Pig Eats Ball. That means whatever the princess eats results in her mass increasing. Eat too much too quickly and she won’t be able to squeeze through narrow corridors. Well, she can but she’ll violently vomit up all the tennis balls she already ate. This can be a major set back to completing a challenge fast enough or a necessary evil to get balls in a strategic spot.

The difficulty of challenges vary wildly. Some can be tough like using suction to compete in a sandwich stacking competition for an unseen giant or extremely straightforward like eating sixteen tennis balls separated by 2 different areas. Others require puzzle solving like a challenge where you have the majority of the tennis balls in tidy space and the others through narrow corridors and many obstacles. Utilizing the nuances of gameplay let you find the best solution, but if you’re too eager beaver you’ll find yourself hitting quick reset.

When the princess gathers all the pearls in an area of the space station, she gets to challenge the malignant creature terrorizing that section. These boss fights are massive encounters where the princess needs demonstrate mastery of her dash. 

Pig Eat Ball Review
Boss fights are naturally epic encounters as they should be.

Mostly it is used to avoid attacks from the boss and environment, but her dash also allows her to attack the boss. By dashing quickly into the boss’ butt she can eventually vanquish it, and gain a relic to access the next section for the space station.

Pig Eat Ball’s gameplay is odd and irresistible like its world and narrative. It is satisfying in an immediate way thanks to its arcade presentation, and the medal aspect of the levels give it good replayability.


Pig Eat Ball is an experience that has to be played to understand. An acid trip version of Ms. Pac-Man with a Ren and Stimpy level of surreality. Utterly disgusting but impossible to loo away.

Pig Eat Ball was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by the developer.

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Gaming Illustrated RATING



The arcade gameplay is fun as hell with a lot of variety to the different levels you have to clear.


Pig Eat Ball has a wildly inventive look with a grungy art style that is both disgusting and alluring.


Solid grooves and good sound design propel the arcade gameplay.


Pig Eat Ball is a fever dream half remembered and embellished each time you recount it. It is wonderful because of it.