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PDP Discusses Gaming Accessories

/ Mar 30th, 2013 No Comments

pdp-interviewPerformance Designed Products, better known as PDP within the industry, specializes in affordable video game accessories such as headsets and controllers. At the recent International CES in Las Vegas, our own Joe Van Fossen had a booth tour to discuss some of the new PDP products coming in 2013.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): This is Joe with Gaming Illustrated, and I’m talking to Candace Simpson of PDP.

Candace (PDP): Hi.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): Can you tell us a little bit more about the Prismatic headset?

Candace (PDP): The Prismatic has, same as before from our $99 headset, or $89.99 headset, has the pure audio, the bass boost and the 3D standards. It’ll be wireless with the customizable lighting, so when you hold down the Mode button, you can go through the whole spectrum of colors, white, blue, green, teal, purple, pink, red, you name it. It goes through the whole spectrum. These will retail at $119.99.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): They are universal for all systems?

Candace (PDP): Universal for all systems.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): What other new features from the last model?

Candace (PDP): These have the wider band on the top, because that was a little bit of a problem with the last ones. These should work better with glasses, hopefully.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): That’s the idea?

Candace (PDP): Yes, that was the main problem with our originals. That’s pretty much it, just the nicer band. These are a little bit more lifestyle, like you would take these on a plane versus the other ones, a little cooler.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): You would say this is not a dedicated gaming headset as much as it’s an all-use?

Candace (PDP): You could use it as an everyday headphone, yes. It’s got the pull-out mic still, as the first one.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): Cool, awesome. This is the … ?

Candace (PDP): This is the on-ear Afterglow, these are $39.99. They work for IOS, PS3 and there will be a separate one for PSP and that’s actually $60, so there will be three different ones. They’ll be in all the colors, the pink and the red, sorry, the white base or the black base, with red, pink, blue, green, and I think that’s it.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): Those are separate choices, you’ll purchase those differently? Is that … ?

Candace (PDP): Yes.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): You can’t change the color on them.

Candace (PDP): They were planning on doing some customizable bands, where you could switch out the top band, little things like that. The mic is removable, so when you’re on the go, you don’t have to have the mic on your head.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): The mic does come with it, or is it separate?

Candace (PDP): It does come with it.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): What is the street date for both of these products?

Candace (PDP): I’m not sure on that, I think that’s still in the works. This is just our …

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): This is all brand-new.

Candace (PDP): Brand-new for the show.

Gaming Illustrated (JVF): Very cool. Thanks, thank you.

Joe Van Fossen

Joe Van Fossen

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Joe Van Fossen is an avid gamer, film nerd, and unabashed gadget geek. When he's not playing games, watching movies or gadgeteering, he's writing about it (or he's off playing music in some seedy bar somewhere in L.A. or Orange County).
Joe Van Fossen


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