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Pamela Horton, Playboy’s Miss October, Talks Gaming

/ Oct 9th, 2012 No Comments

Pamela Horton Interview
Pamela Horton Interview

Pamela Horton Interview

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): You mentioned something: that you had waited in line five hours for it. I’m willing to bet that’s not the first time you’ve waited in line for a game.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Oh heck no. Heck no.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): What is the longest time you’ve waited outside, probably in the cold or in the killer heat, for a video game and what game was it?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): When I was, I believe it was my 10th Christmas? No no no, it was my 11th birthday. My dad waited in line for Ocarina of Time, or was going to wait in line for Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, and originally wasn’t going to bring me, but I was just adamant. I was like, “I need to go. I need to be there.” I had been raised playing Legend of Zelda on the Super Nintendo, on my Gameboy Advance, on my Gameboy Color. I had to be there. So my father and I went out there starting at about three o’ clock in the afternoon until the midnight release.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): That’s awesome. So did your family introduce you to video games or how did you kind of come about getting into video games?

[adsense250itp]Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): I guess my family, me and my brother and my dad. My dad always calls me his second son, because growing up I was a tomboy. I played video games all day. I’d wear boots and jeans and go play in the mud. Still to this day I’m not very girly. I barely know how to do my own hair and makeup, I don’t wear hair and makeup on a daily basis and I don’t wear revealing or flattering clothing, just t-shirt and jeans. I was very fortunate in the fact that my dad and brother led the way toward gaming, specifically with Legend of Zelda. We played ActRaiser 2, which is I’m sure a lot of people in your fan base are going, “Whoa!” Mainly Nintendo games, we didn’t really get into – we got the PSX when I was 13 or 14 and I didn’t get an Xbox 360 until I had already graduated high school and moved out. My family was really big into Nintendo so that’s where that came in.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): So your love for video games definitely expands beyond MMO’s then.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Oh yeah, I just happen to enjoy PC gaming at this point in my life more than console games.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): If you had to pick a game that will forever hold a special place in your heart. It is like ‘the game’ that you would reminisce about and you just have fond memories of it. What game would that be?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Actually, I would have to say Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo. I have it for the DS. I bought that for the DS as soon as it came out, because I love that game. I love the art by Akira Toriyama who also did the Ocarina of Time, Dragonball Z, which was another anime that I watched growing up and I just… the whole game, the endings, the interactions, the story, the way that the time based fighting (turn based fighting, I should say) and it will always hold a special spot in my heart. But a secondary game would have to be Earthbound and I’m also one of, and at risk of sounding like a hipster, I played Earthbound when it came out. My dad actually saw it and got it for me for my ninth birthday and I remember starting the game and you leave your house after this meteor hits the ground and you see this “dog-cat thing” it’s look like a dog-cat. I just remember, it’s a dog according to the game, but it runs at you but it stops when you stop and I’m like running and stopping and running and stopping and this thing is coming toward me and I’m like, ‘Do I need to talk to it? Do I need to make friends with it?’ and that’s how I discovered my first Earthbound battle. I was being attacked by a dog and I had no idea and I was walking towards it.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): That is awesome. This is meant to be a compliment, but it is hysterical on my end to picture what a bombshell of a playmate, coming home from school to watch DBZ and play Earthbound.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): And Sailor Moon, I was big into Toonami. Right when I got off the bus at school was when Toonami was on.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): I did something very similar as a kid so I can properly envision you getting off the bus and racing inside.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Yup. My backpack hitting my butt because I’m running so fast.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Exactly.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): And, seriously, I’m not kidding when I say I was an ugly duckling. People I went to middle school with, even before I was a playmate I would go back to one of the towns I went to middle school at and people would be like, ‘Pam… Horton? Is that you? Like, oh my God.’ And then they’d run in back and be like, ‘Hey Matt, look Pam’s here and she got hot!’ It surprised everybody and I didn’t even realize I had gotten hot. I didn’t even know until a photographer came up to me when I was 18 and said, ‘You should model.’

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): That is nice. Wow. That’s awesome. You know, I feel like that seems to be the case at times is that girls who would be referred to as ugly ducklings as they’re younger, they really do blossom into beautiful women. So you are clearly very knowledgeable and really do have a passion for gaming. I know that you are, like you were saying, you’re kind of new to the celebrity status and everything, but would you ever consider taking that celebrity status that you have as good luck and kind of immersing them into the video game industry where I think you would do very, very well?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): That’s actually what I’m aiming to do. I’m hoping for any sort of career whether it be a front woman, a secretary, a PR lady, or anything at one of my favorite video game companies would be the absolutely greatest, but you know, I’ll be happy just if they contact me and say, ‘Good job,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Yes!’

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Name some of your favorite companies in terms of video games.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): I’m, of course, a very big fan of Blizzard, Riot. I did of course play first person shooters way back in the day before I felt like they got too repetitive. There’s no place for, well I shouldn’t say there’s no place; If a woman can handle being constantly harassed in co-op mode or in online multiplayer in any first person shooter, if they can handle being harassed more power to them. They are a much stronger girl gamer than I am because I couldn’t take it. Every single game, whether it was the same guys, different guys, whatever there would be either a plethora of profane words or lewd acts that they wanted me to do, to telling me to get back in the kitchen and make them a sandwich, and that girls don’t belong in video games. You can hide a little bit better on League of Legends and World of Warcraft and actually are accepted more and treated better, but in first person shooters, not only is it a cutthroat game, but it’s a cutthroat online content for women and more power to those girls, really. I mean that in the most loving way.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Being a gamer girl myself, I definitely know what you’re talking about with FPS. Recently I’ve been playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive and you’re right. It is very difficult. Usually I just mute my own mic and just kind of play silently and even when I want to participate it is difficult. What are your recommendations, because I know you probably play with a lot of people now, you’ve got a following, you have fans; I’m sure a lot of them are men. Do you have some suggestions or advice for girls who want to play these games but feel overwhelmed by the harassment. What’s some advice from you?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Most of the time I find that when you embrace it, and not in a demeaning way to yourself, never put yourself in a compromising situation, but if say, I’m on World of Warcraft and a guy finds out that I’m who I am or that I’m a girl in general and tells me to go make a sammich, I’ll be like, ‘Well okay, what kind? I’m out of turkey and do you want it toasted?’ They of course don’t know how to take that because usually they are so used to women being like, ‘Oh my gosh, you are a butthole. I can’t believe you even said that. I’m a girl and I have a right.’ You know, just girls getting offended and they kinda giggle on the inside like, ‘Ohh, I got a rise out of her.’ When they realize that you are not messing around and not wasting time bickering with people, they might actually start up a conversation with you. One of my good in game friends that I’ve known for many many years, it started out kind of like that for us where he, he’s a super nice guy but he’s prone to stereotypes and he did call em out and tell me that I should go make him sammich and I asked him what kind and he was silent I swear for like two minutes, didn’t reply for two minutes and then he was like, ‘Sooo… what other games you play?’ And we’ve been really good in game friends ever since.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Looking over here at just personal information about you and you’ve kind of opened the floodgates to – with you coming on the scene not only being a beautiful woman, but really loving video games this is going to open the door for a lot of other women to be more confident about wanting to play games and promote games and things like that. Are there other playmates that you know of that are like secret gamers or something like that?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Actually, Amelia Talon isn’t a secret gamer, she’s Miss June of this year. She isn’t a secret gamer; in her issue she mentions that she likes playing World of Warcraft and how games like Diablo III and I actually have her on my Real ID friends list on World of Warcraft. I unfortunately haven’t had the time to play with her because we’re both very very busy, but she’s a gamer like me, but she decided to pursue a career in modeling instead of the gaming industry and I’m fighting an avalanche right now trying to climb this mountain, get to the top and get this job that I’m pursuing, but you know, obviously there is a lot of negative criticism towards me because of how things were worded in my issue and I believe the direct quote is, ‘I enjoy being every gamer guy’s dream it makes me feel sexy.’ Which, of course, I may have said something like, ‘You know, I like being the one girl in all my groups of guy friends,’ and of course it gets misconstrued. I’m not arrogant in any means; I’m playing with my fans. I’m a really helpful and nice person in game and if you don’t want to play with me, don’t play with me. If you want to play with me, I would be happy to.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): I want to take the time to defend you here a little bit. Even if you had said, I like it when I’m in a group of guys and I can bond with them and have common ground with them on something that a lot of women either don’t want to do or have a stigma attached to it; It makes me feel sexy. Hell yeah you should feel sexy. I would. If I’m in a group of dudes, because for example when I was waiting in line for Skyrim there weren’t many women around. It’s not a bad thing to receive positive attention like that, so if anyone has a mess about you feeling sexy about – who gives a damn? Just get over it.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): I read an article online in Otaku and the article itself was very neutral and it was very refreshing to see that. But of course, all the comments were, ‘She’s arrogant! I don’t like her! Screw her!’ I posted on my Twitter and my Facebook fan page that I’m really big into memes and I posted a meme saying haters gonna hate; They are. They will continue to hate even if I had chosen some other format to, even if it wasn’t Playboy if it was something else, ‘Oh, I’m pretty and I’m a gamer,’ so people are going to hate me.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Right. Yeah. You’re definitely right. Simply your looks alone are going to intimidate a lot of people and the added addition of, not only are you pretty but you do something that is cool is going to infuriate some people and there’s nothing you can do about it. But more power to you. People at Gaming Illustrated and me, we totally support you. We think it’s awesome that you play. Hopefully, towards the end of the interview you’ll give us some information for where our viewers or listeners can go play with you. They can play WoW with you or be recruited for your guild on horde. If they can do that kind of thing. That would be awesome. Do you have any miscellaneous advice or information about yourself that you want to share with anyone listening?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): I guess the one question I get asked a lot is if I’m single and I am not. I am in a relationship with my best friend and he’s my soulmate, but we do have an agreement since I am bisexual and he knows that he can’t provide the same things a woman can that I am allowed to have physical relationships with women. So, to men I am not single, but to women: ‘Heeeyyy…’

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Well that is some very good information. You probably just made any guy listening go bananas. Every man in the world is jealous of your boyfriend. Every single one. Alright, well, Pamela I cannot thank you enough. On behalf of Gaming Illustrated and our viewers for taking the time out of your day to give us some information about yourself and let us know what you’re into and really show and exhibit this great passion you have for games like the rest of us. I know all of us wish you the best of luck on your, both Playboy and video gaming endeavors.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): I appreciate it. The more positive reinforcement I can get, the better. It makes me stronger and you know as honored as your feel, believe me I am much more honored because like I said, I have been famous for all of ten-twenty days so this is all very new to me and I appreciate everybody at Gaming Illustrated for taking the time to want to interview me and it is my honor.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Well that’s awesome and you are more than welcome anytime to give us a call if you ever want to be interviewed I know we would be more than happy. If you ever want to call us up or anything and be like, ‘Hey I have some opinions on Mists of Pandaria.’ I know we would love to hear from you. So just keep in touch with us. Also I just want to thank all of our listeners and viewers for tuning in and always make sure you check Gaming Illustrated for your daily dose of gaming news. And thanks again, Pamela.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Thank you very much.

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