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Pamela Horton, Playboy’s Miss October, Talks Gaming

/ Oct 9th, 2012 No Comments

Pamela Horton Interview
Pamela Horton Interview

Pamela Horton Interview

Pamela Horton will be appearing on the cover of Playboy‘s October issue earning her the title of Miss October on the popular magazine. As it turns out, Pamela Horton is a huge gamer, going back many years to the days of the Nintendo 64. Ms. Horton’s PR department alerted our team here at Gaming Illustrated that she’d love to talk video games with us, so our own Rachel Gray got together with Playboy’s Miss October for this exclusive interview.

A special thanks to Miranda L. Visser for transcribing this interview, as well as to Ms. Horton for her time!

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Rachel Gray here from Gaming Illustrated and today we have a very special guest. She is a Playboy Playmate and the Miss October for the Playboy 2012 magazine. Introducing Pamela Horton. Pamela, it’s so cool to have you here with us and a big congratulations on your October title.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Thank you so much. It’s my pleasure to be here, I promise.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): So let’s start off to discuss why someone as smoking hot as yourself is actually here with us. Apparently you are a huge MMO fan?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Yeah, and, actually it’s really funny, I get asked that a lot, because people are like, “Why is someone who is even moderately attractive playing video games.” And I’m going to be honest, I was a gamer before I even got near attractive. I was an ugly duckling.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): I find that hard to believe now considering you are on the front of a magazine, but interesting you bring it up that people’s reaction is, because you’re in an atypical position to be a gamer. Do they usually not believe you when you say that you play games?

[adsense250itp]Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): If I say on a game that I’m a playmate, about 10% of people will believe me. And even then they still need a little bit of proving, everybody else is just like, “Alright, nope.”

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): You’ve told me that you like to play WoW. When you play WoW, do you play anonymously? Or do you usually offer up the info?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): If anybody wants to play with me on the Horde side I do recruit people to my guild if you’d like to play with me and my real life friends. My character’s name is MooseCat on Trollbane and if you would like to join me in playing you are more than welcome to just send me a message.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Now, Pamela, you said that your name was MooseCat and I think I had read in the little bio that was sent to us prior to our interview, you have a cat named Moose?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Yes I do. (Laughs)

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Is your WoW name in honor of your cat?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): It is, because Moose is a little black bombay cat and my druid is a little black, it’s got horns and stuff, but it’s still a black cat.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): That is so sweet. I think that is endearing and awesome that you have named your WoW character – being a cat aficionado myself, that is awesome. You’ve also mentioned that you are a big LoL player.

Pamela Horton - Playboy Miss October

Pamela Horton – Playboy Miss October

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Yeah, I actually had to make a second account to play with my fans starting at level 1 which is really tough, but I’ve been playing League of Legends ever since, I don’t want to say like a hipster, but before it became popular, way back in the day when they still had the same artist doing all of their splash are and back when they didn’t have that great of a graphics engine. I’ve been playing with them ever since way back in the day and I’m actually very fortunate, because I guess I gained some notoriety on the League of Legends subreddit, so Riot actually asked me to come out to their world championship next weekend as a guest. I was incredibly honored.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Do you think that you’ll be able to kind of ‘announce the victor’ or something? I think the finalists are on the, you said next weekend, so on the 13th or something.

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Yeah, the actual tournament itself is on the 13th. I don’t think they want me there as an appearance. They actually talked to my promotions director and just want me to be there just to have fun and experience it, not necessarily to work. So, they just want me to be there to enjoy myself.

Rachel Gray (Gaming Illustrated): Your presence will probably increase the amount of people that want to go, so that’s awesome. I meant to ask you actually, while we were back on WoW, have you had a chance to play Mists of Pandaria?

Pamela Horton (Playboy’s Miss October): Oh, of course. Despite the fact that they have the digital deluxe pack available for download, I still got the Collector’s Edition in-store. Waited five hours in line to get it. Just the whole ambience around waiting in line, sitting, chatting with complete strangers about something that you all have in common, making new friends. You just can’t replace that with the digital download. I was really glad to find that there were other people there, but I actually got into the beta, so I knew what to expect, where to go, what to level. So yeah, it’s still an amazing game, I still play it, so obviously the content’s not gone.

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