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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Review

/ Dec 14th, 2003 Today has been an interesting day for me in that I both saw The Matrix Revolutions and finished Max 0 comments continue reading >>

Doom 3 PC Review

/ Dec 13th, 2003 It’s a remarkable thing when a game can put you on such an edge, such a heightened state of 0 comments continue reading >>

King of Queens Season 1 (DVD)

/ Dec 10th, 2003 SYNOPSIS: One of the top comedy hits on television comes in its first season on DVD, released by Columbia 0 comments continue reading >>

Pirates O.T.C.- C.O.T.B.P. (DVD)

/ Dec 4th, 2003 SYNOPSIS: One of the biggest and highest grossing films of the summer of 2003 comes to DVD from Buena 0 comments continue reading >>

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox) Review

/ Dec 2nd, 2003 Those of you who have been following Star Wars Galaxies will know of the secrecy surrounding the path to 0 comments continue reading >>

Lords of EverQuest

/ Dec 1st, 2003 EverQuest is a name that every gamer is familiar with. What they aren’t familiar with is the extension of 0 comments continue reading >>

eZonics AirLink & AirDrive Pro Review

/ Nov 27th, 2003 eZonics is a company that we had no idea existed until our visit to last year’s CES expo in 0 comments continue reading >>

Out Of Time (DVD)

/ Nov 27th, 2003 SYNOPSIS: Frankly, this is a really enjoyable movie. Unfortunately, it is a mystery and thriller – so if I 0 comments continue reading >>

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (PS2)

/ Nov 23rd, 2003 The most painful thing in the world is widely believed to be child-birth, I would however contest this. Those 0 comments continue reading >>

Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox)

/ Nov 18th, 2003 Project Gotham Racing 1 was one of the more popular titles when the XBox originally released a couple of 0 comments continue reading >>

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