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Far Cry Review

/ Mar 21st, 2004 Recently, I witnessed what I thought was the most entertaining thing I have ever seen. Whilst having my lunch 0 comments continue reading >>

Rise of Nations Preview

/ Mar 2nd, 2004 Our review of RISE OF NATIONS concluded it was one of the best “MUST HAVE” RTS games of 2003, 0 comments continue reading >>

Armed and Dangerous Xbox Review

/ Mar 1st, 2004 To this day, I still talk up Giants: Citizen Kabuto. One of the most originally styled games we have 0 comments continue reading >>

ATI All In Wonder 9700 Pro

/ Feb 29th, 2004 Since its introduction in 1996, ATI has sold over 3 Million AIW (All – In – Wonder) graphics cards. 0 comments continue reading >>

Fujitsu 40GB Mobile Hard Drive MHT2040AH Review

/ Feb 12th, 2004 As computer components get faster, smaller and more efficient the dream of having a complete desktop replacement laptop is 0 comments continue reading >>

Nightshade PS2 Review

/ Feb 11th, 2004 There have been stories over the years about how playing video games can result in real-world positive benefits such 0 comments continue reading >>

Deus Ex 2 PC Review

/ Feb 8th, 2004 I normally reject the whole console vs. PC argument as I can be equally entertained sat in front of 0 comments continue reading >>

LeadTek WinFast A360 Ultra TDH Video Card Review

/ Feb 3rd, 2004 The nVidia chipsets that were released under the new GeForceFX chipsets were extremely popular in the form of the 0 comments continue reading >>

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel PS2 Review

/ Jan 14th, 2004 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (F:BOS), a Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance clone that delivers a decent enough game play experience, 0 comments continue reading >>

South Park Season 3 (DVD)

/ Dec 27th, 2003 SYNOPSIS: The third season of South Park is captured on DVD in a new format and distributed through a 0 comments continue reading >>

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