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Millennium Season 1 (DVD)

/ Aug 30th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: From the Executive Producer of The X-Files comes the super scary thriller Millennium which features the same type 0 comments continue reading >>

Warlords Battlecry III

/ Aug 28th, 2004 Enlight’s new Real Time Strategy game, WARLORDS BATTLECRY III (WB3), is a solid upgrade to their popular WARLORD series, 0 comments continue reading >>

Boy Meets World Sea. 1 (DVD)

/ Aug 27th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: Boy Meets World was a wildly successful television show that lasted six seasons on the popular ABC "TGIF" 0 comments continue reading >>

Twisted (DVD)

/ Aug 24th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: Ashley Judd is fantastic in this chiller-thriller about a new homicide detective in San Francisco who’s first cases 0 comments continue reading >>

Shaolin Soccer (DVD)

/ Aug 24th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: In the very words from lead actor Steven Chow: "Kung Fu Soccer! Pow!" Yes, mix in Kung Fu 0 comments continue reading >>

Soul Plane Mile High Edition (DVD)

/ Aug 23rd, 2004 SYNOPSIS: Nashawn (Kevin Hart) is a nice guy who takes an ill fated airplane trip. Just about everything goes 0 comments continue reading >>

Futurama Volume 4 (DVD)

/ Aug 23rd, 2004 SYNOPSIS: It's almost painful to write this review … not for the usual purposes that a review would be 0 comments continue reading >>

Sapphire X800 Pro Video Card

/ Aug 3rd, 2004 During E3 2004, I was able to meet up with the team from Sapphire and discuss several things about 0 comments continue reading >>

Ghost Master

/ Jul 29th, 2004 So, does anyone remember the days of Bullfrog? Long since disbanded, but while they were around they churned out 0 comments continue reading >>

Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2

/ Jul 9th, 2004 Back in the day when I was but a young lad with a pitiful pocket money budget and before 0 comments continue reading >>

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