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Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder (PC)

/ Dec 1st, 2004 SYNOPSIS: BLITZKRIEG: ROLLING THUNDER (B:RT) is the second in the Blitzkrieg series from CDV. The first Blitzkrieg: BURNING HORIZON 0 comments continue reading >>

Bridget Jones’s Diary C.E. (DVD)

/ Nov 24th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: In Bridget Jones's Diary, Renee Zellwegger plays the plus-sized heroine that so many women identify with so well. 0 comments continue reading >>

I, Robot (DVD)

/ Nov 22nd, 2004 SYNOPSIS: I, Robot is a fantastic accomplishment; this movie sparkles with suspense, action, and excellent acting. Will Smith is 0 comments continue reading >>

I.T. Footsteps O. Alex. Great (DVD)

/ Nov 22nd, 2004 SYNOPSIS: Narrator Michael Woods had a really great idea – rather than tell the story of Alexander the Great… 0 comments continue reading >>

The Stepford Wives (DVD)

/ Nov 21st, 2004 SYNOPSIS: THE STEPFORD WIVES is a remake of the 1975 thriller, with this version a light comedy instead. Nichole 0 comments continue reading >>

The Chronicles of Riddick (DVD)

/ Nov 20th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: This is the best action flick released for the holidays – a must have, must see DVD that 0 comments continue reading >>

Jak 2 (PS2)

/ Nov 19th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: One year has passed since Jak and Daxter saved Haven City from Kor and the attacking Metal Heads, 0 comments continue reading >>

Spider- Man 2 (DS)

/ Nov 15th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: With the release of the brand new NintendoDS handheld system, which features all new backlit screens (yes, there 0 comments continue reading >>

CSI: Season 4 (DVD)

/ Nov 14th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: Television's most popular show comes to DVD in the form of this 4th season DVD set. The series 0 comments continue reading >>

Dawson’s Creek Season 4 (DVD)

/ Nov 12th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: The gang is all back for Season 4 as Dawson's Creek renews for the senior year of high 0 comments continue reading >>

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