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Sahara Case iPhone 6 Case Review

/ Oct 29th, 2015 When it comes to cellphones, there is little variety. The market is dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s line 0 comments continue reading >>

5 Terrifying Video Game Enemies

/ Oct 28th, 2015 Throughout the several decades of existence, video games have been littered with moments that keep gamers up at night. 0 comments continue reading >>

Doc Jeromy Adams Speaks on Extra Life and Its Growth

/ Oct 28th, 2015 Back in 2013, Gaming Illustrated spoke to Doc Jeromy Adams about Extra Life. Learning about the organization, the good 0 comments continue reading >>

Skylanders: SuperChargers Review: Tripping the Rift

/ Oct 27th, 2015 By the time you get to the fifth entry of a series, things tend to get stale. Formulas have 0 comments continue reading >>

Tales from the Borderlands: The Vault of the Traveler Review: The New Vault Hunters

/ Oct 26th, 2015 Tales from the Borderlands: The Vault of the Traveler offers an end to the series, but some questions are 0 comments continue reading >>

New Releases: Week of 10/25

/ Oct 25th, 2015 If you survived the avalanche of new releases last week then good for you. This week is much more 0 comments continue reading >>

What’s in Your Box: Week of 10-24

/ Oct 24th, 2015 Each week, we here at Gaming Illustrated are always playing a number of different video games. However, we may 0 comments continue reading >>

Will Halo 5 Release on PC?

/ Oct 23rd, 2015 Halo 5 Guardians will launch on Xbox One on Oct. 27, but PC players are wondering if the game 0 comments continue reading >>

Paranormal Activity VR Game and Vive VR Headset Coming to Theaters

/ Oct 22nd, 2015 Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, the final installment of the Paranormal Activity movie franchise, will release in theaters Friday. 0 comments continue reading >>

343 Releases Entire Halo 5 Soundtrack on SoundCloud

/ Oct 22nd, 2015 Developer 343 Industries made the entire Halo 5 soundtrack available for streaming on the music service SoundCloud. The 39-song 0 comments continue reading >>