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7th Heaven Sea. 1 (DVD)

/ Sep 20th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: The Camdens of 7th Heaven are a family that centers around Christian faith and dealing with issues with 0 comments continue reading >>

Survivor All Stars (DVD)

/ Sep 20th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: When Survivor: All Stars originally aired it was being billed and the biggest, most competitive, and best Survivor 0 comments continue reading >>

Clerks 10th Anniversary (DVD)

/ Sep 17th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: We all know Kevin Smith's work from Chasing Amy to Dogma and of course Jay and Silent Bob 0 comments continue reading >>

Lion King II- Simba’s Pride (DVD)

/ Sep 16th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: In this made-for-DVD sequel, The Lion King II – Simba's Pride picks up where the last one left 0 comments continue reading >>

Diff’rent Strokes Season 1 (DVD)

/ Sep 15th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: When Joe Namath’s television show completely bombed for NBC (Who didn’t see that coming, right?), a show about 0 comments continue reading >>

I Love Lucy Season 2 (DVD)

/ Sep 15th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: I Love Lucy is the undisputed all-time greatest comedy series in television series. We've all seen the re-runs, 0 comments continue reading >>

Sliders- 1st & 2nd Season (DVD)

/ Sep 15th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: Sliders was an ultra-cool science fiction show that developed a strongly rooted cult following during its run in 0 comments continue reading >>

Knight Rider Season 1 (DVD)

/ Sep 12th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: As a product of the 1980s, I can honestly say I was a devoted watcher of Knight Rider 0 comments continue reading >>

The Manchurian Candidate (DVD)

/ Sep 11th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: If you were around in 1962, you probably remember this classic movie. Now out on DVD, the original 0 comments continue reading >>

Rounders (DVD)

/ Sep 8th, 2004 SYNOPSIS: There really aren't too many movies that are worth watching about the hustle or using gambling to make 0 comments continue reading >>

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