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Call of Duty: United Offensive

/ Jan 19th, 2003 Odds are if you are already familiar with Call of Duty, you don’t need to be briefed on how 0 comments continue reading >>

Wild Arms 3 PS2 Review

/ Jan 13th, 2003 Had the PS2 been released in the 1950’s – along with color TVs, computers, design software, public tolerance of 0 comments continue reading >>

No One Lives Forever 2

/ Jan 5th, 2003 You can’t really review No One Lives Forever 2 without bringing Mike Myers into the equation, if an Austin 0 comments continue reading >>

2002 Games of the Year

/ Dec 31st, 2002 Gaming Illustrated reviews the gaming year of 2002 in this exclusive commentary… Best Game of 2002 Jamie Wharton: Morrowind 0 comments continue reading >>

GTA 3 and The Last Starfighter

/ Dec 15th, 2002 While GamingIllustrated has already provided an excellent review of the mega-hit video game, GRAND THEFT AUTO 3, we suddenly 0 comments continue reading >>

XBOX CTO S. Blackley Interview

/ Dec 1st, 2002 As one of the Xbox concept founders, Seamus has been called on to play many roles in the Xbox 0 comments continue reading >>

Diablo II – Posse or Entourage?

/ Nov 28th, 2002 One of the more interesting aspects of Diablo II and the Diablo II Expansion series, is the Necromancer and 0 comments continue reading >>

Beam Breakers Review

/ Nov 18th, 2002 Well would you believe it, a futuristic racing game, hurrah! Haven’t played one of those for all of a 0 comments continue reading >>

XFX Product Mgr Interview

/ Nov 1st, 2002 Exclusive interview with XFX Graphics' Lionel Garcia and Ryan Dumas Web site: XFX is a division of Pine 0 comments continue reading >>

The Dark Side of Video Games

/ Oct 17th, 2002 In the last few weeks, I have had many people approach me asking how they can get into the 0 comments continue reading >>

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