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Lineage II

/ Apr 28th, 2004 Lineage II is NSoft’s new fantasy themed MMORPG. The original Lineage is one of the largest MMORPGs ever, and 0 comments continue reading >>

City of Heroes

/ Apr 27th, 2004 When NC Soft released what was one of the most original and creative ideas for an MMORPG arguably in 0 comments continue reading >>

Trainz 2004 Review

/ Apr 25th, 2004 One of the awesome advantages of computer game for hobbyists of all types is that a developer can squeeze 0 comments continue reading >>

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Review

/ Apr 20th, 2004 Five years ago a little MOD for Half-Life by the name of Counter-Strike came to the delight of gamers 0 comments continue reading >>

Baldur’s Gate: DA Interview

/ Apr 18th, 2004 The original Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (BG:DA) made itself a big notch in the console success post thanks to 0 comments continue reading >>

NBA Ballers (PS2)

/ Apr 5th, 2004 NBA Ballers is an over-the-top one-on-one basketball game highlighting the “bling-bling” lifestyle of NBA superstars. NBA Ballers features the 0 comments continue reading >>

Cheers Season 1 DVD

/ Apr 2nd, 2004 Finally – in what is argued as one of the greatest comedy television shows of all time is captured 0 comments continue reading >>

Far Cry Review

/ Mar 21st, 2004 Recently, I witnessed what I thought was the most entertaining thing I have ever seen. Whilst having my lunch 0 comments continue reading >>

Rise of Nations Preview

/ Mar 2nd, 2004 Our review of RISE OF NATIONS concluded it was one of the best “MUST HAVE” RTS games of 2003, 0 comments continue reading >>

Armed and Dangerous Xbox Review

/ Mar 1st, 2004 To this day, I still talk up Giants: Citizen Kabuto. One of the most originally styled games we have 0 comments continue reading >>

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