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Popular Street Artists Team with 11 bit for This War of Mine Charity DLC

/ Mar 11th, 2015 This War of Mine developer 11 bit studios is teaming up with popular streets artists for the game’s War 0 comments continue reading >>

Turning the Tides as a Monster in Evolve

/ Mar 10th, 2015 Since some attention has been given to the hunters side of things, now the monsters get their spotlight. Playing 0 comments continue reading >>

DmC: Definitive Edition Review: Worth Another Spin

/ Mar 10th, 2015 When DmC: Devil May Cry released more than two years ago, it had a hard time connecting with gamers. 0 comments continue reading >>

How to Be the Hunter and Not the Hunted in Evolve

/ Mar 9th, 2015 With four classes and three characters in each class, there’s a lot for players to take in with Evolve. 0 comments continue reading >>

New Releases: Week of 3/8

/ Mar 8th, 2015 March is starting to heat up, well, mainly in southern California, but there are also more video games coming 0 comments continue reading >>

What’s In Your Box: Week of 3/7

/ Mar 7th, 2015 Each week, we here at Gaming Illustrated are always playing a number of different video games. However, we may 0 comments continue reading >>

How to Save Sonic the Hedgehog

/ Mar 6th, 2015 Sonic the Hedgehog is a beloved character to gamers old and young alike. Yet, it hasn’t been easy for 0 comments continue reading >>

Rock Band 4 Coming to PS4, Xbox One This Year

/ Mar 5th, 2015 Harmonix announced the long dormant Rock Band franchise is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015 with Rock Band 4.   Players haven’t had 0 comments continue reading >>

Battletoads Featured in Shovel Knight for Xbox One

/ Mar 5th, 2015 Shovel Knight is set to release for Xbox One in April, and the game will feature an encounter with 0 comments continue reading >>

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood Review: Tiny Hawk

/ Mar 4th, 2015 OlliOlli was one of those gaming gems where all of the elements came together in such a unique, entertaining way. 0 comments continue reading >>