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Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price Announced

/ Jan 12th, 2017 The Nintendo Switch release date is March 3, 2017 worldwide, Nintendo announced today at a reveal event for the 0 comments continue reading >>

New Foes Shown in Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer

/ Jan 11th, 2017 Sony and Guerilla Games have released a new story trailer for the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn. The trailer offers 0 comments continue reading >>

Director Drops Injustice 2 Release Date

/ Jan 9th, 2017 Injustice 2 will release May 16, according to a tweet from NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon. Boon tweeted 0 comments continue reading >>

Gaming Illustrated’s Top Reviewed Games of 2016

/ Jan 6th, 2017 With every new year comes a sense of renewed purpose and determination. Most people view the new year as 0 comments continue reading >>

3 Games That Released Exactly When We Needed Them

/ Jan 5th, 2017 Video games have a way of affecting you, sucking you in, surprising you, and sometimes giving you exactly what 0 comments continue reading >>

Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date Announced

/ Jan 4th, 2017 BioWare announced the Mass Effect Andromeda release date will be March 21 in North America and March 23 in 1 comments continue reading >>

Rime Re-Revealed as Multi-Platform Adventure

/ Jan 3rd, 2017 Rime, a former PlayStation-exclusive adventure game, has broken a long period of silence to be re-revealed as a multi-platform 0 comments continue reading >>

Orconoid Review

/ Jan 2nd, 2017 There are many games that enable players to dish out all manner of punishment to orcs. Orconoid, by BlueFXGames, 0 comments continue reading >>

What’s in Your Box: 1/2 Guardians

/ Dec 31st, 2016 Each week, we here at Gaming Illustrated are always playing a number of different video games. However, we may 0 comments continue reading >>

State of the Union: 2016, Goodbye

/ Dec 30th, 2016 It is natural to take stock and reflect back on the previous year as a new one approaches. Every 0 comments continue reading >>

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