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Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Review: Legacy

/ Oct 24th, 2017 Gamers have been aching for a return of classic Mega Man-style gameplay since the series has seemingly been abandoned 0 comments continue reading >>

God’s Trigger Preview: Beyond Good & Evil

/ Oct 23rd, 2017 The best part about PAX West is how things can take you by surprise; how stuff that wasn’t on 0 comments continue reading >>

New Releases: Week of 10/22/17

/ Oct 22nd, 2017 The last full week of October sees the holiday season heating up as outside is cooling down. If you 0 comments continue reading >>

Splasher Splashes onto Nintendo Switch Next Week

/ Oct 21st, 2017 Publisher Playdius and developer Splashteam have put the final touches on colorful platformer Splasher for the Nintendo Switch. It 0 comments continue reading >>

Pokemon Go Halloween Event Features Third-Gen Pokemon

/ Oct 19th, 2017 Niantic announced the details of the Pokémon Go Halloween event for 2017, which begins Oct. 20 at noon PT 0 comments continue reading >>

EarthNight Preview: Rhythm & Run

/ Oct 18th, 2017 The line between an indie game and a big studio game is becoming finer. What largely separates the two 0 comments continue reading >>

New Releases: Week of 10/15/17

/ Oct 15th, 2017 October hits its midway point and brings with it a ton of games to be excited for. Whether you 0 comments continue reading >>

Hob Review: Reclamation

/ Oct 12th, 2017 Trust is hard to come by, especially in video games. Now, more often than not, developers and publishers don’t 0 comments continue reading >>

Steambirds Alliance Preview: Pigeons of War

/ Oct 11th, 2017 If a “dogfight” is an aerial battle involving aircrafts, what do you call a dogfight where the pilots are 0 comments continue reading >>

Pikuniku Preview: Everything is Perfect!

/ Oct 10th, 2017 Pikuniku is a world filled with armless living shapes trying to solve problems such as: Where are my missing 0 comments continue reading >>

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