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What Makes GTA V So Fun

/ Oct 8th, 2013 Grand Theft Auto V is a giant sandbox full of fun toys to play with, but it doesn’t give 0 comments continue reading >>

BEYOND: Two Souls (PS3) Review

/ Oct 8th, 2013 When Heavy Rain was released in 2010, many said it was one of those experiences only possible on PlayStation 6 comments continue reading >>

Interact with robots in Bot Colony

/ Oct 8th, 2013 Bot Colony is a sci-fi adventure game that enables gamers to interact with the game through dialogue, in their 0 comments continue reading >>

United Front Games Announce Triad Wars

/ Oct 8th, 2013 United Front Games announced Triad Wars yesterday on their official blog. Triad Wars is a sequel to last year’s 0 comments continue reading >>

League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Grand Finals

/ Oct 7th, 2013 14 teams gathered in Los Angeles for the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship. The League of Legends Grand 0 comments continue reading >>

Interview with Extra Life’s Doc Jeromy Adams

/ Oct 7th, 2013 Extra Life began back in 2008 by Doc Jeromy Adams to honor the memory of Victoria Enmon and her 0 comments continue reading >>

Nihilumbra (PC) Review

/ Oct 7th, 2013 Nihilumbra, developed by Spanish developer BeautiFun games, was released in 2012 for IOS to high critical acclaim, and is 0 comments continue reading >>

Extra Life & Sony (SCEA) Give Back to Those Who Give

/ Oct 6th, 2013 Extra Life, the online charitable event, has partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) to help raise awareness for 0 comments continue reading >>

Rockstar Releases GTA 5 Online Update For PS3

/ Oct 5th, 2013 Plagued by issues since it’s release on Tuesday, GTA 5 Online will automatically update on the PS3 when gamers 0 comments continue reading >>

Re-Volt Released on GOG

/ Oct 4th, 2013 Re-Volt, the classic 1999 racing game, has been released for purchase on GOG. Originally published and developed by Acclaim Entertainment, 0 comments continue reading >>