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PlayStation Now What?

/ Jan 29th, 2014 At CES early this month, Sony finally revealed what they had been up cooking up with Gaikai. Sony’s game 0 comments continue reading >>

Broken Age Act 1 (PC) Review

/ Jan 29th, 2014 Broken Age marks Tim Schafer’s return to the adventure genre, making it his first adventure game since Grim Fandango. 0 comments continue reading >>

Sly Cooper Movie Coming in 2016

/ Jan 29th, 2014 Sly Cooper and his band of thieves are coming to theaters in 2016 for their first full-length film.  Animation studio 0 comments continue reading >>

DLC: More or Less?

/ Jan 28th, 2014 Adding more great content to a great game is always welcome. Being able to come back to one of 0 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft Acquires Gears of War Franchise

/ Jan 28th, 2014 Microsoft has acquired the rights to the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games, the company announced. The move 0 comments continue reading >>

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PlayStation 4 Dated

/ Jan 28th, 2014 Square-Enix announced the release date for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PlayStation 4. The game will be 0 comments continue reading >>

NA LCS 2014 Spring Split Week 2

/ Jan 28th, 2014 The second week of the NA LCS 2014 Spring Split came to a close with Dignitas continuing their hot 0 comments continue reading >>

EU LCS 2014 Spring Split Week 2

/ Jan 27th, 2014 The second week of the EU LCS 2014 Spring Split wrapped up with Alliance gaining ground and ROCCAT continuing 0 comments continue reading >>

The Banner Saga (PC) Review

/ Jan 27th, 2014 The Banner Saga resulted from the developers’ desire to create games they would want to play and a successfully 0 comments continue reading >>

Out of the Park Baseball 15 Features Announced

/ Jan 27th, 2014 Out of the Park Baseball 15 will feature 3D ballparks, real international leagues, a revamped interface, Out of the 0 comments continue reading >>

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