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Lightning Returns: FF XIII is Mad Alright: PAX Preview

/ Sep 11th, 2013 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is Square-Enix’s capping off of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. As Final Fantasy XIII-2 2 comments continue reading >>

Battlefield 4 PC Requirements

/ Sep 11th, 2013 Developer DICE revealed the Battlefield PC requirements and recommended specs to play the game on PC through a tweet 3 comments continue reading >>

Total War: Rome II (PC) Review

/ Sep 11th, 2013 The strategy genre is a genre that has seen a lot of growth this year, and now Creative Assembly’s 0 comments continue reading >>

Dying Light Makes Running From Zombies Fun: PAX Preview

/ Sep 10th, 2013 Dying Light is one of the two new games currently in development by Polish developer, Techland. The other being 0 comments continue reading >>

The Banner Saga Brings Beauty to Strategy RPGs: PAX Preview

/ Sep 10th, 2013 The Banner Saga from Stoic Studio (formed ny three former BioWare employees who worked on The Old Republic) is 1 comments continue reading >>

Puppeteer (PS3) Review

/ Sep 10th, 2013 Sony‘s Japan Studio has been involved with some of the more unique games from this generation. Titles like Gravity Rush, Tokyo Jungle, 0 comments continue reading >>

Madden NFL 25: It’s A Numbers Game

/ Sep 10th, 2013 Despite decent numbers, critics are quick to point out that Madden NFL 25’s sales are down from last year’s 0 comments continue reading >>

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Beta Tests Announced

/ Sep 9th, 2013 Square Enix announced the beta tests for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation 4 will begin Feb. 0 comments continue reading >>

Let’s Sing and Dance Release Date Announced

/ Sep 9th, 2013 Deep Silver and Voxler announced the release date for Let’s Sing and Dance is Oct. 9. The collaboration between 0 comments continue reading >>

Tiny Brains Traps Gamers Like Rats in Fun Co-Op: PAX Preview

/ Sep 9th, 2013 Tiny Brains is an upcoming 4 player co-op puzzle game launching with the PlayStation 4 on its Nov 15 0 comments continue reading >>