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Ouya Special Edition Announced, Adds VEVO, iHeartRadio, Offensive Combat

/ Aug 6th, 2012 3 Comments

OUYA - Special Limited Edition

OUYA – Special Limited Edition

Right on the heels our Final Fantasy III launch title report, Ouya announced a new deal with VEVO  and a special limited edition version of their crowd-funded, Android-based gaming console. Counting down their final few days on Kickstarter, Ouya is serving up even more content in the form of iHeartRadio and their first confirmed first-person shooter, Offensive Combat.

Ouya announced a freshly penned deal with VEVO to bring high definition music video programming “back to the TV” (take that, MTV!). VEVO will grant Ouya users on-demand access to the latest videos from artists like Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber. With a catalog of over 50,000 videos from more than 11,000 artists, VEVO also offers a bevy of classic pop, rock, and metal videos for people with tastes more akin to mine. Prior to this announcement, Ouya nary made a mention of streaming media and kept the focus on gaming.

In the spirit of honoring one of their most frequent requests, Ouya is now offering a limited edition version of their console in their last week on Kickstarter. The console’s designer, Yves Behar, personally selected the rich metallic brown color of the SLE console and controller. With a pledge of $140 (a $41 stretch over the regular asking price), backers will receive the SLE console with a matching controller. An additional SLE controller can be had for an extra $30. Aside from the color and bragging rights, there are no other differences between the special edition and regular consoles.

Determined to add more streaming media content, Ouya has partnered with Clear Channel to bring streaming live radio to their console via iHeartRadio. Touted as the “only all-in-one” free digital radio experience, iHeartRadio gives users access to streaming live radio from all over the United States, including music, talk, sports, and college channels. They also offer user-created custom stations based on the user’s artist/song preferences. Ouya acknowledged the US-centric nature of the iHeartRadio app and is promising content partnerships with more international partners for their overseas customers.

Offensive Combat

Offensive Combat

Back on the gaming side of things, Ouya has scored yet another developer. U4iA Games, a start-up from former Call of Duty and Activision veterans, are bringing their debut first-person shooter, Offensive Combat, to the console. Described as a “cheeky, free-for-all shooting mash up,” Offensive Combat looks to be taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to what is sometimes an overly serious genre.

The creators of Ouya took to Kickstarter on July 10 to disrupt the home video game console market. While they certainly shook things up a bit, and undoubtedly have the entire industry watching,  it still remains to be seen whether Ouya’s Kickstarter success will translate to real-world success. Put into perspective, with just over 46,000 pledging to own the console as of this writing, Ouya has effectively pre-sold as many units in nearly a month as Microsoft sells Xbox 360s in a week. That isn’t to discount the achievements of the team behind Ouya. These past 30 days have been rife with speculation on the viability of such an undertaking, and now, with backing of several additional major players within the gaming and streaming media worlds, the future is looking much brighter for open-source gaming.

Joe Van Fossen

Joe Van Fossen

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Joe Van Fossen is an avid gamer, film nerd, and unabashed gadget geek. When he's not playing games, watching movies or gadgeteering, he's writing about it (or he's off playing music in some seedy bar somewhere in L.A. or Orange County).
Joe Van Fossen

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3 responses to “Ouya Special Edition Announced, Adds VEVO, iHeartRadio, Offensive Combat”

  1. Alex Zieba says:

    The Ouya definitely has its strengths and weaknesses. The system will definitely shake things up, but how much will it really change?

  2. BossNova says:

    I agree that the Ouya has it’s ups and downs. I’m backing it and it has also made me think about making games again. I think the major question about Ouya is going to be it’s shelf life…Will users keep this system in 2 years or so?

    • warl0q says:

      Priced at $100 the Ouya might get outdated quick but who cares if you can just buy an updated one for probably the same price and just load your account on it and all your games and be current again or look at it like this all your games that you have now should still work on a future version of the Ouya even ten or fifteen years in the future unlike current gaming systems that you spend hundreds on and then spend more on games that might work on the next system if the master of the system deems it worthwhile. So Ouya is a bargain to start with and alot easier to replace (or upgrade possibly) than other consoles.

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