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Out of the Park Baseball 13 Review

/ Apr 12th, 2012 No Comments

Out of the Park Baseball 13 is the definitive baseball sim game on the market today, released for both PC and Mac platforms. This immersive simulator puts you in the seat of an owner, general manager and on-the-field manager for your favorite baseball franchise. Out of the Park Baseball 13, otherwise known as OOTP 13, is a the deepest and richest baseball sim experience ever made and makes for a must-own for any baseball aficionado.

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Features of OOTP 13

OOTP 13 is feature rich to say the least. You create your league, put in whatever settings you want to abide by and then take control of your favorite team. OOTP 13 comes with this year’s opening day rosters so from your major league team all the way through all your minor league teams, you’ll have access to every baseball player in the game. You don’t have to start out with a team from this year’s opening day, you can play in a Historical League and take over any real-world season dating back all the way to 1871. You can create your own fictional league where you set up the rules, schedule and desired stats. You can even take historical teams and import them into a different era.

OOTP 13 is primarily a solo gaming experience. You’ll fire it up, continue your league and manage your team as best as you can. However, there’s also an online league mode that allows you to join a league via the website forums associated to the game.

OOTP13 Review

OOTP13 Review

The simulation engine for OOTP 13 is highly accurate and purportedly as sophisticated as they come. Drawing on the most advanced statistical modeling and analysis available to them, the folks behind this game have done some amazing work making sure the sim stays within the borders of realism.

If you love stats and let’s face it, if you are a baseball fan, you love stats – then Out of the Park Baseball 13 will be your nirvana. All the information you could possibly want is all documented within the game and available with a few clicks of your mouse button. OOTP 13 tracks thousands of statistics … for each and every player. The game also keeps a complete history available for you at any time so you can see historical stats for players and for teams. The game will compile all the information into a virtual baseball encyclopedia so you can go back and review all the amazing seasons you’ll sim with this game.

The game will put you front and center as the GM of the team you choose. You’ll be responsible for every single thing a regular GM does. From assigning roster spots to picking draft picks to handling trades and free agency, you’ll be hit up with near daily tasks in running your team. To take it a step further, there’s a robust “manage from the dugout” mode that you can play in that allows you to call the shorts one batter at a time during a game.

Game Experience

OOTP13 - Albert Pujols Stats

OOTP13 - Albert Pujols Stats

Playing OOTP 13 is totally unlike any baseball sim experience I’ve had in my life. Most of the time there was a nice set formula for total success and domination. Not so for this title as its sheer depth prevents you from really glitching yourself to a title. But to really explain the game experience, let’s go from the beginning. Starting a franchise is pretty easy as you fire the game up and pick a team and go on your way. You set your lineups, your pitching rotation and tweak your roster to your heart’s delight.

From there, you’ll start simming away, most likely picking a sim date out in the future and letting the game run from there. Each sim day takes a few seconds as both the major and minor leagues have to run through their simulations. You won’t be able to just blow through date ranges as you’ll receive personal messages in your virtual inbox inside the game that stops the sim and typically requires some action on your part. It’s here that you’ll be notified of events that typically require action from you. This might mean an unfortunate injury, a contract extension request, a trade offer or any one of a number of typical day-to-day scenarios seen by front office staff in baseball.

OOTP13 League Home Page

OOTP13 League Home Page

When you play through a season you become very attached to the team. You’ll be able to pull off a few trades, shuffle your roster around, draft the kids you want to draft (and ideally sign them – sometimes they decline and go back into the draft!) and really put a stamp on your favorite franchise. It’s such a deep experience as you’ll track leaders, read articles generated by the game about power rankings, forcasts and more. It really feels like its own little baseball universe captured inside the game’s boundaries.

Overall Experience

Out of the Park Baseball 13 is the single best baseball simulation game ever made. For a baseball fanatic such as myself, OOTP 13 is pure joy and something I’ve already installed on my home gaming PC, my Mac at work (don’t tell my boss!) and my iPad (review for iOS coming soon!). The game is immersive, authentic and most importantly – totally fun.

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Sean W. Gibson

Sean W. Gibson

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Sean W. Gibson
Sean W. Gibson

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