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NVIDIA Drops SHIELD Price to $299

/ Jun 22nd, 2013 3 Comments


[adsense250itp]NVIDIA has modified the price for the Android-powered gaming device SHIELD to $299.99 before its release on June 27.

SHIELD is NVIDIA’s ultimate hand-held gaming product in which the gamer will be able to play PC and Android games while also enjoying regular Android functions such as listening to music, watching movies and using apps on the go. Using the world’s fastest mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 4, it will take portable gaming to another level.

The gaming device features a handheld controller attached to a 5-inch 720p multitouch display running Android. The Tegra 4 device has four CPU cores, 72 GPU cores and 2GB of RAM. Games can be played in full HD.

Players will be able to access game from Google Play, Steam and Nvidia TegraZone through the mobile console. Games currently available through TegraZone include NBA 2K13, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Sonic 4.

The device earned several awards throughout its development, including at CES in January where the Shield made its debut.

SHIELD has been distributed to hundreds of users since January in order to test its portability and gain feedback from the user community. After showing up at E3, the feedback from has been more than positive.

User feedback has been essential to SHIELD’s progress towards a great hand-held device. By using player feedback, NVIDIA has been able to enhance features such as triggers that have a perfect throw length and joysticks that players can flick endlessly. By responding to critics, the company has improved the functions for SHIELD.

As a final change in response to user feedback, NVIDIA is dropping the SHIELD’s $349 price tag. SHIELD will be hitting store shelves June 27 for the new price of $299. Those who have already pre-ordered SHIELD when the original release date was announced, will only be charged the new price of $299. Having SHIELD in the hands of as many gamers possible is the goal because NVIDIA believes players who experience it will fall in love once they see what it has to offer.


Eddie Jimenez

Eddie Jimenez

Associate Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Eddie is a college student who loves video games. He is constantly impressing people with his punctuality and enjoys being an independent person. He enjoys music, the outdoors, and food.
Eddie Jimenez
Eddie Jimenez

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  • Bill Ellis

    All I’ve gotta say is, anybody else remember the Gizmondo?

    • gamingillustrated

      Heh, there are plenty of naysayers that’s for sure. We had hands-on time at E3 and it was pretty impressive. Skyrim played very nicely. It’s a much different fit in a gamer’s hands than a standard controller and the price point might be prohibitive, especially if a gamer HAS to buy a mid-level NVIDIA card to go with it to take advantage of all the features.

      • Bill Ellis

        Well, you don’t need the nVidia card for any of the Android games, correct? Definitely the killer feature is streaming games on the LAN. Even nVidia’s low-end cards will have the encoders Shield requires pretty soon, so they do have that going for them.

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