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NVIDIA Interview Reveals Project Shield Details at CES 2013

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Project Shield Details Revealed in NVIDIA Interview

Project Shield Details Revealed in NVIDIA Interview

[adsense250itp]NVIDIA blew the socks off the media at CES 2013 with the announcement of Project Shield, a new portable gaming device designed for gamers that want to play both Android and PC games wherever they please. The device shows off NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 processor and is housed within a full-sized game controller and a 5-inch 720p screen. The unit boasts a custom 72-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU and a quad-core A15 CPU processor for impressive hardware robust enough to feature HD quality graphics. Perhaps the biggest wow factor behind the unit is the ability for Project Shield to wirelessly access a GeForce GTX-powered computer from anywhere you have Wi-Fi access. Project Shield will then let gamers play their favorite PC games, including titles on Steam, on its full sized controller and leverage what NVIDIA is calling game-speed Wi-Fi, ultra-low latency and the performance worthy of GeForce GTX 600 GPUs.

At CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Gaming Illustrated received some time at the NVIDIA booth and talked with NVIDIA’s own Hassan Anjum, who works with the Tegra Games team to discuss this game-changing device.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): Sean Gibson CES 2013 at the NVIDIA booth. I’m here with Hassan Anjum.

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): You got it.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): Could you introduce yourself and what you do with NVIDIA?

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): I’m Hassan Anjum I’m the games marketing manager, Tegra Games specifically for NVIDIA.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): We’re talking about Project Shield which has gotten I see about 52 different awards at your booth. It’s really an innovative product so it looks like a standard controller for maybe an Xbox 360 or for PS3, but it actually looks like a whole gaming platform.

NVIDIA Project Shield

NVIDIA Project Shield

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): Yeah absolutely we call it our open-gaming platform Project Shield so we’re really excited about this one. It runs Android on it so it will come with a Jelly Bean and you will be able to play all your Android games on it. What makes it really special in addition to that is you’ll be able to stream your PC games onto your device.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): And that’s through a NVIDIA based video card specific model numbers and up?

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): Yes as long as you’ve got a GeForce GTX 650 you’ll be able to stream all your PC games onto your Project Shield device.

Sean: So we’re talking NBA 2K13, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed 3, I can stream it right back to my device play it pretty much anywhere I got a Wi-Fi connection? Or do I need to be on the local LAN?

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): Wi-Fi connection, and yeah games like the ones you’ve mentioned will work perfectly on your Project Shield.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): There’s also some streaming technologies here not just for gaming. Is that true?

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): Yeah we’re showing off GeForce screen technology and our Miracast technology which you are able to project to your standard HDTV to the device.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): Has there been any availability announcements? An availability date, price point, anything like that?

Playing Skyrim on NVIDIA Project Shield

Playing Skyrim on NVIDIA Project Shield

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): As of this moment we’re not talking about availability or price points. However if you go to we’ll start rolling out more information for you.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): Having worked with the NVIDIA team in the past, I know you guys are always breaking the mold, can you reveal how long this has been in development, because this is just blowing away everyone here.

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): We are actually happy that it’s been a positive surprise and a very an overwhelmingly positive surprise and that’s what we are taking back on it. It’s been in the works for a while and we’ve had engineers working on this for a long time.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): Yeah I can’t imagine a gamer that wouldn’t immediately want this. I mean this is a device that everyone here at CES that sees it says, “Oh my God I need this.” Project Shield might immediately be the best mobile device for a PC gamer, and even for a mobile gamer, I think this is a, dare I say, a Nintendo DS killer. I think you’ve done an amazing job. Is that how you guys are viewing it?

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): The way we see it is gamers don’t want just one solution. You’ve got PC gamers on one side you’ve got console gamers on one side and everyone is doing a great job. You’ve got Android and mobile gamers on another side, everyone’s doing a great job too. So this is fantastic for us, it’s again our open handheld platform right here so it’s an additional way to game.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): We just talked about the Tegra 4 and I heard that there are quite a few games actually in development right now that are going to be launched with that Tegra 4 stamp of approval from NVIDIA right out of the box. That’s got to be a huge selling point that you already have games optimized for this right at launch, whenever it launches.

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): Absolutely. We are already working with developers right now to optimize and run on the Tegra 4 chip and so all of these games are available on Tegra Zone so once you see Tegra 4 devices rolling out in addition to Project Shield you will start seeing those Tegra 4 optimized titles coming out and having that stamp of approval from our NVIDIA team.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): We have quite a few very loyal NVIDIA Tegra 3/tablet gamers at Gaming Illustrated, what message would you like them to know about NVIDIA in 2013?

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): We are always thinking about you. We are always thinking about gaming. We are always thinking bringing that hardcore, not only just hardcore, but a great experience to you. That’s something we would probably like to give back to our fans.

Sean (Gaming Illustrated): All right. Thanks so much for joining us.

Hassan Anjum (NVIDIA): Thank you.

We’d like to thank Hassan Anjum, Jordan Dodge and the rest of the NVIDIA team for their time at CES 2013.

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Sean Gibson

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