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Nintendo Network Free of Charge for the Wii U

/ Jul 8th, 2012 No Comments




According to Nintendo, they will not be charging for the online service on their upcoming console the WiiU. The WiiU which has gotten a lot of positive and negitive press about its upcoming release this fall. Some are saying it might not be a true next-gen console, but others have stated that the WiiU is something revoluationary with its controller sporting a touchscreen. Going free might be able to push the WiiU along the trail of positive press, something it desperately needs to make sure it survives in the next console war.

According to Miyamoto, Nintendo will not be charging because they have a casual following. Company President Satoru Iwata said during a recent shareholders meeting which is was made public that Nintendo is going to accommodate to gamers’ play habits. Which means they are going to be able to use the Nintendo Network fee free, just like gamers can on the Wii and 3DS. “We have a wide variety of consumers, from the ones who enthusiastically play video games to those playing more casually, who are not always interested in them but try to play a game only when it has become a public topic or play it just during certain periods, like a year-end season and summer vacation,” Satoru said. “We therefore believe that services which ask our consumers to obtain paid membership are not always the best.” Satoru does have an excellent point, but is he only making this a point because of the lack of exclusive titles that offer online capabilities. Does Nintendo as a company really want to look out for the gamer and help out? That’s up for your interpretation.

Nintendo posted its first-ever annual lost back in April when the Mario factory lost a whooping $458 million dollars for the year. Shareholders were trying to comperhened how Nintendo could offer the Nintendo Network free of charge, when they should be charging to try and recover there losses. But the savy Satoru stated, “… the Nintendo Network will be a social forum, which will eventually lead gamers to making purchases based on their friends’ activity.” Miyamoto did give some ideas to the shareholders with comments about where the Japanesse movie business is going and how Nintendo might be able to enter into the business, but there has been nothing set in stone with Nintendo entering the film industry.

With Nintendo on the brink of releasing the first next-gen console and offering their Nintendo Network free of charge it’ll be interesting to see how the industry will react to the WiiU and Nintendo once the initial wave of enthusiasm dies down after a few months post-launch. With big losses being reported for the first time ever, and the coming retirement of Mr. Miyamoto, Nintendo is going to have a lot more to battle though over the next ten years.

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Victor Chavez

Victor Chavez

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