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The Fastest Wireless Internet Setup: Netgear Nighthawk R7800 and C7000

/ Mar 30th, 2016 No Comments

nighthawk r7800 modem c7000

It’s amazing how you don’t think you need something until you’ve actually had it.

This story starts with your average consumer with seemingly little use for a supercharged internet connection. With a decently fast (50 mbps download/5 mbps upload) wireless connection and an all-in-one modem working properly, I felt that I had everything I needed at a cheap price. When you’ve had this type of connection for so long, you tend to get used to any kinks that pop up, such as dropped connections or using only one internet-connected device at a time. That is until you experience the latest technology.

All of my internet problems quickly became a thing of the past when upgrading to a wireless setup featuring the Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 router and Nighthawk C7000 router.

The Nighthawk Cometh

Setup is extremely simple. All that is needed is to plug in the modem and routers (yes, multiple routers — we’ll get to that in a bit) and a quick call to the internet service provider to get the modem registered on their end. After only a few minutes, we had the internet back up.

Since then, we have had our wireless connection running using these devices for the past couple of weeks with no hiccups to speak of.

Netgear C7000

Netgear C7000

The C7000 is the Ferrari of modems. With this model, we were able to reach our top internet speeds in our tier consistently. The previous modem would reach top speeds but it would be dramatically inconsistent, especially during peak times. Equipped with more channel bonds than the typical modem, the C7000 was able to maintain top speeds and consistent connections to all of our wireless devices.

Nighthawk R7800

Netgear Nighthawk R7800

Adding the R7800 router feels like opening up a new world. When you connect a router, that is typically to boost the WiFi signal in your home. The R7800 allows you to pair it with another router to reach all areas of your home, back yard and driveway. Users can also connect devices to the second router in order to take full advantage of high internet speeds. In “Bridge Mode,” we were able to connect a PlayStation 4, second PC and internet-connected TV to the second router and run the full speed of our internet service on each device. This is all while the main router and modem was on the complete other end of the house.

Pay the Cost to Be the Boss

This current top of the line setup from Netgear is amazing. Being able to stream a movie in 4K in the living room while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in a bed room and watching Twitch streams on the desktop PC with no lag on any device is a true testament to the Nighthawk router and modem.

The only downside is the price. The C7000 has a retail price of $219.99 while the R7800 router costs up to $269.99. If you have a large property, setting up a proper connection throughout your whole home could cost you more than $700. However, chances are that you won’t be looking at these devices unless you have a need for them.

This setup is not for your basic web browsing or Facebook posting. These devices were meant for hardcore internet users and gamers. If you consider yourself a power user, the performance of these devices is unreal, even at the high price tag. If you have the money, you cannot get a better setup.


Sal Thomas

Sal Thomas

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sal is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated.

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