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Nexus 7 and its Must Have Games

/ Sep 6th, 2012 No Comments

Nexus 7
Nexus 7

Nexus 7

We all know that the Nexus 7 is a great tablet, and in my review of it a short while ago I pointed out how brilliant it was for gaming thanks to its wonderful and powerful NVIDIA-made Tegra 3 processor. With the Nexus 7’s size, it makes it an ideal platform for playing games, and with its ultra-high resolutions the games you play on the Nexus 7 look better than you have ever seen them before.

Thankfully Nvidia have a website and application dedicated to games that you can play that make the most of the Tegra 3’s power and special abilities. I have gone through them all to find the truly best games that the Nexus 7 experience has to offer. Where possible, I have played the games on various platforms (namely Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPad 2) so that I can make a fair comparison and only choose the games that stand out from the crowd. So sit back, relax and start downloading some of the best games that handheld gaming has to offer.

Galaxy On Fire 2 THD

[adsense250itp]Many games boast console quality graphics and gameplay on a handheld, but very few of them actually produce the goods. Galaxy On Fire 2 THD is a brilliant effort by Fishlabs Entertainment, and is one game that can truly say that it has achieved its goal of console quality of an Android tablet. With a huge galaxy on offer of over 20 beautifully drawn and rendered galaxies, hundreds of unique stunningly rendered space stations, some brilliant voice acting and brilliant sound effects, Galaxy On Fire 2 THD is a game that needs to be on anyones Tegra 3 device.

In some ways this game reminds me of the ancient BBC Micro classic Elite. Its space trading, building empires and shooting down enemy space-craft. There’s a great story mode and the whole game feels like a full budget PC game. There’s a great sense of achievement and with the huge universe to discover, there’s always plenty to do.This game is highly recommended, and can be downloaded free for the initial first galaxy, and a fee for unlocking the game to the full game.



Shadowgun THD

I like my third-person shooters such as Gears Of War and multi-player Uncharted, and what we have here is a stunning third-person shooter. Again, the game looks at home on the Nexus 7, with truly great graphics and sounds. There are some sweet graphical effects, fast-paced run-and-gun action and a control system that just works. For once on a shoot-em-up on a tablet, you won’t be shooting randomly at the sky like you do on so many other game.

Shadowgun now comes with four new levels in the shape of added content called “The Leftover”. Its a great edition to a great game, and the DLC keeps up the high standard of graphics and effects that the main game had to offer. This game is a must for any fans of Gears Of War, or games in that ilk. It’s another game to show the power of the Nexus 7 to your iPad owning friends.

Dead Trigger

I’ve already reviewed Dead Trigger, but where-as Shadowgun is a Third-Person shooter, Dead Trigger is a first-person shooter of the finest quality.The game features over 50 hours of gameplay, and once you progress past the first few levels it really opens up. The onscreen joypad really works well, and you’ll be running around in no time killing zombies and getting so fabulous head-shots.

A tip here for anyone who needs to buy weapons or upgrade other items within the game. Every day go into Dead Trigger and play the one-armed bandit. Most of the time you will win money, gold or supplies, and it really helps you on your travels. Also, there is the Bank section which you can visit. Simply go there and watch videos, follow Twitter or Facebook accounts or sign up for special promotions and really pile on the gold which you need for some weapons in the game.

Shine Runner

Shine Runner

Shine Runner

Racing games always benifit from a great processor and with the Tegra 3 Shine Runner really… shines. The idea is of course to get to the end of the level as fast as you can, just as in any reacing game. However, Shine Runner puts the fun back into racing games as it has some stunning water effects, but most of all destructable environments! If it’s in the way then you can destroy it! What more do you want out of a racing game?

The game has been designed specifically for phones and tablets using the Tegra 3 processor and as such looks stunning on the Nexus 7’s screen. The water effects are some of the best you have ever seen on a handheld device and the game offers quite a lot in gameplay with you selling moonshine to the higest bidder and avoiding the law as you become better known to the law. It’s fun, its cheap and you can even hook it up to your HD TV should you have the ways and means.

Riptide GP

Another game that I have already reviewed, but a game worthy of another mention. Riptide GP on the Nexus 7 is fast and furious, even more so than its iPad counterpart. It’s worth noting that the game’s difficulty really ramps up as you progress, so you will need to spend time and energy learning the tracks and taking off vital seconds in order to keep ahead of the pack.

Heroes Call

Heroes Call is a simple but fun RPG experience for your Tegra 3 device. On the Nexus 7 it looks stunning, with some great spot-fx, however the gameplay is what really draws you in with this game. There are over 30 amazingly beautiful dungeons to fight your way through, picking up portions, spells and various objects aiding your abilities to perform various tasks.

The game is fun, and easy to pick up with an intuitive control system. It sometimes feels like you’re runnig through the same dungeons over and over, but apart from that it has a lot on offer that makes it a worthy download for anyone wanting some RPG elements in an arcade game.

Final Word

There really is a great selection of games available for the Nexus 7 and it’s Tegra 3 chipset. This was just a brief look at some of the growing selection of games that make the most of Tegra 3 and look and play stunningly on the Nexus 7. For more information just Google Tegra 3 Zone and start your downloading now.

Mark Adams
Mark Adams been gaming since 1977 and owned almost every console since the original Pong machine. Gaming has always been part of his life and he enjoys a variety of games and his mind is always open to new experiences in the gaming world. Over the years he has written gaming articles for blogs and local newspapers, and he always tries and add something a little bit different from your usual review. He works in IT for a small local company in Wales, and when he's not working, he's gaming!
Mark Adams
Mark Adams
Mark Adams

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