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New Tap Order 2 Review

/ Nov 8th, 2016 1 Comment

New Tap Order 2 Review

New Tap Order 2 by Aliasing Games is the latest addition to a massive field of tap-based physics titles and a follow-up to the conspiracy theory-laden New Tap Order, which released last year.

Like many sequels, this game uses the same mechanics as the original, but offers expansions and improvements. These help make a mobile game that’s a very ambitious attempt to give players a unique, challenging and addictive experience.

The Little Clock Triangle That Could

New Tap Order 2

New Tap Order 2

As soon as players navigate through a very simple menu, they are tasked with raising a triangle-shaped clock upwards through a long corridor as far as possible. This is made harder by many obstacles that require players to maneuver around them, though in some cases they can be strategically used to help the ascension.

Procrastination isn’t an option either. Failure to progress quick enough or falling down too far towards the bottom results in destruction by a slowly elevating spike pit below.

But New Tap Order 2’s challenge lies chiefly in how you move the clock triangle. The triangle only moves in the direction that’s indicated by the dot on one of its corners. Tapping the screen will move the triangle in that direction. It’ll also spin, requiring good timing when tapping in order to move it in the desired direction.

This may sound simple on paper, but it is a genuine challenge. Even with the aid of power-ups to help your ascent along with coins to help boost your score, New Tap Order 2 requires tremendous concentration and timing. Players will only be given two chances (provided they’re willing to watch an ad). Otherwise, it’s game over.

Gameplay is supplemented by very well-made visuals. Compared to the bulky, avant-garde style used in New Tap Order, this title boasts a more eloquent, polished steampunk theme. The use of the clock motif especially is inventive and actually relevant to gameplay as they’ll move every time you tap the screen.

A Rusty Ascent

New Tap Order 2

Gameplay screenshot

Even with these elements, New Tap Order 2 carries issues that hinder it from being more impressive. The previously mentioned graphics could use some improvement. The obstacles, for instance, feel cartoonish and clash with the more realistic artwork such as the clockwork background.

The game’s sounds also fall flat, especially the music. New Tap Order 2 boasts only one track that loops endlessly. While the song is well-composed and lends perfectly to the game’s steampunk style, it becomes very tedious. Along with a noticeable delay before it loops, the single music track results in potentially breaking the concentration of easily distracted players.

But a more noticeable fault, and one very common in mobile games, is a lack of replay value. There are achievements provided by Google’s gaming app and of course the prospect of getting a new high score, but those features alone aren’t enough to ensure players continue playing.

Challenging gameplay with the ability set new high scores only just meet the minimum requirements replay value. Without further incentives to come back, New Tap Order 2 risks becoming a very disposable game.


One of the advantages of mobile games is that there’s always room for improvement. New Tap Order 2 is a challenging game with some addicting qualities. It’s a very unique approach to the tap-based physics formula and also a huge improvement over New Tap Order.

Even so, it’s a title that falls short of groundbreaking. Like the clocks the game showcases, the game needs more winding and maintenance before it can be considered truly worth playing. Hopefully its developers continue to expand this game to build on its uniqueness.

New Tap Order 2 was reviewed on an Android phone using a pre-release build provided by the developer.


Jonathan Anson

Jonathan Anson

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