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New Screenshots of GTA 5

/ Aug 28th, 2012 5 Comments

Transport: Bicycle

Ten new screenshots were released last week showing off vehicles and activities from GTA 5. The first trio of pictures were posted on Rockstar Games‘ blog, under the headline “Transport“. They show off some of the ways you’ll be getting around Los Santos, the fictional city based on Los Angeles where the new GTA game will be set.

It starts with a bicycle. There’s a shot of a cyclist riding on a sandy beach early in the morning, with dust being kicked up and a blurry backdrop very reminiscent of the Santa Monica Pier.

Transport: Bicycle

Then comes a lean, mean sports car called the “Cheeta” burning rubber on a street.

Transport: Cheeta

Finally, an armed fighter jet soaring above the Los Santos cityscape. It’s nighttime, but in the cockpit you can make out a man dressed in a suit. Some eager fans are speculating that this could be the game’s lead character.

Transport: Fighter Jet

Rockstar didn’t include any concrete details about vehicles (or the game in general) in their post, just a note that more screenshots would be on their way later this year, plus the aforementioned trailer. Recapping last week, they kept their promise and on Wednesday another three pictures were posted on the blog, this time under the headline “Leisure“. These more recent images showcase some of the more recreational activities you’ll likely be performing in GTA 5.

The first shows dirt biking, with three guys riding along on a mountain trail mid day. Again, dust and motion blurring lend themselves to some impressive graphics (probably from a PC, of course).

Leisure: Dirt Bike

Next, a look at tennis with a rich couple from GTA 5 playing on a private court beside a hillside mansion.

Leisure: Tennis

And last but not least: parachuting. Who the guy is and why he doesn’t seem to be dressed for the occasion already has fans eagerly speculating.

Leisure: Parachuting

These six images have already generated a lot of excitement for the game. What fans really want, though, is a new, more in depth trailer and hopefully that’s coming soon, too. In the meantime, last Friday, the final four screenshots to round out “the week of ten” were released.

Continuing our look at last week’s screenshots we look at more from “Business” … This first one (of the final four) looks like a pretty serious situation to say the least. There’s some character on the back of a big rig, driving downtown with a copy checking out the entire situation.

In this screenshot we see an old style propeller plane flying over what looks like absolutely gorgeous textured water with a cliff/waterfall on the top left side. Pretty gorgeous screenshot and the prospect of flying around GTA 5 is pretty awesome.

There’s no mistaking that this is a serious car chase scene in the next screenshot. What looks like a Lamborghini inspired red sports car is being chased by at least two cop cars and a SWAT helicopter to boot. There’s also some idiot on the right side of the screenshot dashing toward the action which just begs gamers to run him down for his stupidity.

Finally, the last screenshot released last week for GTA 5 is pretty ominous, as we see a helicopter using it’s search lights on a man located on the left side of the shot. However, that man happens ot be holding what looks like some sort of automatic rifle with laser sights aimed directly back at the helicopter. This could lead to a seriously bad outcome for both parties to say the least…

Counting expansion packs, GTA 5 will be the fifteenth game in the Grand Theft Auto series. Very little has been disclosed on the single player so far, but multiplayer will incorporate Rockstar’s Social Club system and allow you and your friends to transfer “crews” from Max Payne 3. No word yet on an estimated release date for the game, or whether or not it will be a next-generation title, but keep checking in with Gaming Illustrated for updates and news as they develop.

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5 responses to “New Screenshots of GTA 5”

  1. Mike says:

    Ha, how late are you!

  2. Person says:

    There are even new screenshots of GTA V…with sniping and police chases and stuff..check it out!

  3. Crystal K. says:

    On the 5th photo (the one with the tennis court) – I notice the hedges in the pic are trimmed to like letters – I wonder if they spell out a dirty word, LOL.

  4. Crystal K. says:

    Whoops, it’s supposed to be “trimmed to look like letters”.

  5. Jesse says:

    you updated your post but not your spelling.
    ITS CHEETAH not CHEETA. go and play Vice City and SA i’m going to take it. It will be your first time doing so. Since how GTA 4 is your first GTA game. but GTA isn’t working out for you so please go back to your COD games.

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