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New Releases: Week of 8/7

/ Aug 7th, 2016 No Comments

No Man's Sky

August is not slowing down one bit. This week is huge. Perhaps not in terms of number of releases, but certainly in scope.

This week’s new releases include the infinite galaxy of No Man’s Sky, the punishing 26 floors of Brut@l, and the supernatural streets of New York in Indigo Prophecy on PS4.

No Man’s Sky – PS4, PC – August 9 [August 12]

No Man’s Sky allows players to become the pilot of their own spaceship where they can explore an infinite galaxy. The question is how can a galaxy be infinite? It is easy when the galaxy is procedurally generated.

It is a gigantic game to explore with a massive 18 Quintillion planets to discover. Players won’t explore the galaxy alone. They’ll be making their way to the center of the universe along with tons of other pilots.

No Man’s Sky has four tenants for aspiring pilots: explore, fight, trade, and survive. Explore is the core of what the game is about. The game’s 18 Quintillion planets mean players will be discovering new planets every second even with that impressive number it will take centuries to discover them all.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky.

If you’re the first pilot to a planet, you will be forever immortalized as the person to found it. Each planet has tons of plant and wild life, both friendly and hostile, meaning there is plenty to uncover on planets.

The universe is not always friendly. As such, you’ll need to fight in order to continue your adventure in No Man’s Sky. Pilots will be fighting both on land and in the sky. Planet side, players will have to use guns to take down hostile wild life and deadly robots. In space, pilots will take part in epic space battles.

As you explore different planets, you’ll find and gather natural resources that you can trade across the galaxy. Trading is a key component to getting better gear and how you’ll affect the planets you visit.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky.

You’ll trade by encountering a number of different races, which will also be procedurally generated. However before you can trade, you’ll have to learn the race’s language, so exploring wide and far will be necessary in order to upgrade your gear.

The planets you’ll visit will not always be hospitable to you. There are tons of hostile environment full of ornery creatures. You’ll have to be clever and ever vigilant to survive the elements, extreme radiation levels and poisonous environment in No Man’s Sky.

All four tenants interact with each other with the center moving you to explore of No Man’s Sky infinite galaxy.

Brut@l – PS4 – August 9

Brut@l places you in a dangerous, if a bit pre-historic, world. It re-imagines classic ASCII dungeon crawlers with 3D visuals but keeping the same old-school gaming feel. Players will choose their heroes from four classes: Ranger, Mage, Warrior or Amazon.

Once you’ve chosen your hero, you’ll be tasked with clearing twenty-six floors in a procedurally generated world. At the top you’ll have to best the terrible Guardian of the Dungeon to reign supreme. You can also try to reach the top with a trusted friend thanks to the game’s local co-op.



While Brut@l’s look is old-school with charming ASCII style graphics, its gameplay feels delightful modern thanks to the resurgence of roguelikes. The game has perma death making your ascent to the top a difficult and grueling task.

The game allows players to craft weapons, enchant them, brew potions, and forge talismans. Weapon crafting and enchantment is done through careful working of ASCII characters, and potions are always a mystery because players won’t know their effects until they use them.

Indigo Prophecy – PS4 – August 9

Before Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, there was Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit). Indigo Prophecy was a bold experiment for the PlayStation 2. It sought to explore the extent of interactive storytelling with player choices to affect a story’s outcome.

The idea was met with skepticism upon Quantic Dream pitching it, and its development was filled with strife. Despite it all Quantic Dream managed to release it in 2005 to great accolades. With Detroit: Become Human coming out sometime in the future, now you can experience the majority of Quantic Dream’s oeuvre on the PlayStation 4.

Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy (PS4).

In Indigo Prophecy, you take on the role of Lucas Kane, who stabbed a man to death in a possessed trance at an East Side diner. The rest of the game sees Lucas’ life begin to unravel as a result of the murder. It is up to you to solve the reason behind the supernatural murder.

The PS4 version includes the beloved original complete with newly implemented Trophies.

Kalvin Martinez

Kalvin Martinez

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