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New Releases: Week of 7/26

/ Jul 26th, 2015 No Comments

Lost Dimension

It’s been raining in Southern California, which isn’t enough to fix our drought. However, that good juju has bleed into video games meaning we have a slight reprieve this week from the summah drought. This week is packed full of things you should be getting up on.

Releasing this week is the betrayal-centric JRPG, Lost Dimension, the maddening platformer, N++, the RPG-roguelite, The Swindle, two single episode adventures from King’s Quest and Life is Strange, and a remaster worth remastering in Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition.

Lost Dimension – PS3, PS Vita – July 28

In Lost Dimensions, you’re part of an elite squad sent to take down a great evil called The End, whose caused massive destruction and loss of life. In the chaos he’s erected a gnarly tower called The Pillar. Your job is to climb the pillar with 10 other team mates, each with special abilities. The one issue is someone in the crew is a traitor. So every level of the five levels in The Pillar requires your team to ferret out the traitor and vote on who it is. Those with the most votes get erased from existence.

Lost Dimension

Lost Dimension.

Lost Dimensions has a great concept that requires players to question every teammate at every turn. It is a great spin on the JRPG genre with addictive tactical gameplay.

N++ – PS4 – July 28

N++ brings the tough as nails action-platforming the series is known for to a whole new level. As the ninja, you move quickly through levels trying to evade hazards, and avoid dangerous obstacles. All of this while making sure not to die by homicidal robots and collecting as much gold as possible.



Players need to learn how the ninja’s weight, momentum, and inertia interacts within levels because not accurately judging those factors will lead to control crushing deaths. Levels are also designed to take advantage of the ninja’s specific properties meaning players will have to use momentum and inertia to be successful. N++ gives players 2,360 minimalistic levels to run through, and a built-in level editor to create your own levels (with global level sharing and leaderboards).

N++ is part of PlayStation’s PLAY 2015 promotion, so if you’re looking for a break on the game you can pre-order it before its release to get a 20% discount.

The Swindle – PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One – July 28

The Swindle puts you in the role of a thief out to get all that loot. In this steampunk cybercrime heist game, you will infiltrate buildings, grab the cash, and try to escape without getting caught by the police.

The Swindle

The Swindle.

All buildings will be randomly-generated in the game making each heist unique. The money you retrieve from your theft will be useable to upgrade your thieves with new skills, tools, and other upgrades to tackle tougher jobs.

King’s Quest: First Quest – PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 – July 28

The first chapter of the latest King’s Quest adventure sees an aging King Graham recounting the events of his life with his granddaughter. Graham’s memories takes him back to his teens when he embarked on a quest to become a knight of Daventry in King Edward’s royal guard. This new entry in the King’s Quest series brings in new characters, puzzles, and dangers to overcome.

Life is Strange Episode 4 – PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 – July 28

“Dark Room” is the penultimate episode for Life is Strange. Things are getting serious in Arcadia Bay, as things ramp up to their conclusion in Max’s investigation of Rachel Amber’s disappearance. After the major cliff hanger in episode 3, you’ll get some more answers in “Dark Room”. The penultimate episode will take a darker turn than prior episodes, and some of the secrets of Arcadia Bay will come to light.

Legend of Kay HD – PC, PS4, Wii U – July 28

In a rare move, there is a remaster coming out for newer consoles that actually might deserve a HD treatment. 10 years after originally releasing on PlaySation 2, Legend of Kay is getting the Anniversary treatment. The original game is getting redone with high-resolution textures, new character models, and other improvements to bring into HD standards.

Legend of Kay

Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition.

Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition brings the pop culture and martial arts allusions of this action-adventure romp to a new crowd. The game brings 25 different levels with 15 different enemy types and boss battles. The combat mixes different styles with weapon types.

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Kalvin Martinez

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